doing, being

Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 from this early morning, hello Autumn ! newly obsessed with cloud filled ocean skies

Now I'm sure that to many what I'm about to say is no biggie. No big astounding revelation - but it is to me. This morning as I sat curled up in the nest of down & flannel sipping my first morning coffee thinking about my day ahead & the new fabulous projects I'm working on it struck me that I cannot think my way through things, I can't think my way to something. Well I can ... and believe me I do. Rumination has been my middle name. But the good things which have been showing up lately are the culmination of me doing, making, slogging, playing, exploring, relaxing ...through & toward every thing in my life. Thinking hasn't really helped me at all. It's a concept I've been pondering for a time now, since reading Eckhart Tolle's book the New Earth I've had many, many, many chats with best friend MLou on this very topic & I would always admit, intellectually, I understood the idea of doing versus thinking - or of being versus thinking but my inner me was always thinking HUH ??? but I like thinking (things to death) I'd say in my whiny voice - it's who I am, it's who I've always been. Turns out that's not at all true.

bye, bye thinking
bonjour doing, being

hydrangeas, Missy D, out into the strait with great blue heron & ahhhhh - the sky


  1. Oh that sky....

    I'm pondering (haha, thinking about) something similar these days - what would it be like to sit back and just be surprised at what turns up? I've done it before and always been amazed...

  2. Mom too thinks the same! Happy Autumn to all + tail wags.

  3. Very uplifting post Susan.Happiness brings so much energy with it doesn't it. Recently I bought pastels to attempt some cloud/sky creations my intention being to recreate each morning's sky but the morning rush for work has kept me busy instead. Getting out the pastels still remains something I look forward to however,(another pointer towards happiness).
    As your days get crisper, ours get sunnier here in Oz.


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