new & magic

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

moments from a perfect long weekend - oh my those red glads against that chocolate wall

everyday is
new & magic


if you say it
it becomes true

listening to CBC radio 1 and two books on CD from the library - Jonathan Franzen's Freedom which I LOVED reading and can't wait to have it read to me while I work away here at the TTD* & Geneen Roth's new book Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations about Food & Money

reading the Hunger Games I've been sucked in by all the hype and although it's not my kinda book I know I'll be glad I read it when the blockbuster movie is released next March - it should be a fantastic, edge of your seat, visually spectacular movie

watching in between my inexplicable addiction to tattoo shows and ultimate fabulous cake off shows (?!?!) - the first season of Modern Family from the library, a taped 3 hour Nova Becoming Human and another taped movie (from the movie channel) - Big River Man

I have a busy beginning September with several looming product design deadlines, working on lots more new stuff for my etsy shop + I signed up for Kal's script school - can't wait.

Create, create ... create.

TTD* my super fabulous, gigantic teak topped desk :-)


  1. So beautiful - the photos and quotes - and congrats on a busy, creative month to come...

    If you say it, it becomes so - I would love to find the spot inside where I know that again...

  2. hey MS for now,
    just pretend you know

    loads of love xoxoxo les Gang

  3. Happy September! Wishing you a creative and productive autumn. Anxiously awaiting the reveal of the beet juice artwork.

  4. hey BHeron - thanks & happy pre-autumn to you !! I'm super excited also about the beet juice paintings, drawings, collages

  5. Hot Pink Monday.

    I know you're just dying for a hot pink tomato.

  6. This blog and the art you create and the pictures you take are just MAGNIFICENT!!! Yes!!!


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