Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1. an exposed solitary brick wall currently separating us from -35 degree temps + a windchill
2. contents of les crawlspace(s), sorted by category & lovingly piled on the guest room bed

insulated: the story of (formerly) crowded, cramped & chilly closets & crawlspaces

I married a maniac. Well technically we're not officially married but he is definitely a maniac & only the the best, the most excellent, genius, workaholic, smarty smarty pants kind of maniac. + he's constantly chattering away to the animals - especially to the cats (& he answers in their voices - which I love 'cause I do the same thing & have done always). Virgil & Oliver are always tres interested in any & all home reno projects especially ones !! that include opening up of walls potentially gaining them sudden access to hidden nether bowls & regions of this old brick house.

it's all very incredible + ah!mazing. That darn prince is turning this old brick house into a palace.
& here's some of what I've been up to + designing valentines for American Greetings woo! hoo !

les piles, les kittens, les demo, les newly insulated, organized crawlspace - love those old floors


  1. If I wasn't so happy with my husband (although he is definitely NOT handy) I would want your man! Lucky, lucky you.
    And I LOVE the artwork shown in your photos.

  2. That ole brick house is going to be toasty! Is that seaweed insulation I see?

  3. I love the artwork, too. I didn't know about American Greetings; did I miss something? It sounds wonderful.

  4. ;-)

    AG card design is a
    new & fab job ! J in KY

  5. We need more, Susan.... More details of the renovation, the man you perhaps should be married to (hint hint), the new work????

  6. The job! The cards! The man! The insulation! Way to go, girl!

  7. Go you! Go Prince! And good on American Greetings for snapping you up!!! Woohoo!!

  8. I'm happy to hear that you're still being blessed with all kinds of warmth and love. Thanks for the surprise visit.


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