my mind went blank

Monday, September 5, 2011

absolutely stunning orangey red gladiola stems from Saturday's farmer's market

It has been a perfect, jam packed with goodness, holiday weekend & we're only 2/3rds of the way through it - the farmer's market (for beans both yellow & green, carrots, sugar snap peas, glads + a still warm cinnamon biscuit roll with almond glaze), a visit to the library, a barbecue and a movie, long walks on the beach with Missy D, more strolls later in the park with our friend Maggie Sue, a quick shop in the nearby bigger town for provisions & such, warm breezy sunshiny weather - perfect for sitting in the shade of big trees in the much less tangled back gardens of 29 Black Street drinking ice tea with lemon slices & hanging out with the Prince, Sam, Winnie & the big, fat, black Chicelet. Pillowcase, sheets & undies hung on the line, dog cookies baked, chapters of books read (not sure if I'm likin' this one but am over half way through it).

But best of all - I took myself to the beach - to a small isolated little cove a very short walk away from our house. After a thorough application of SPF 55 I put on my standard black, kinda cute, 1 piece bathing suit underneath my shorts & t, my fav madras plaid bucket hat, my prescription shades, my waterproof sandals & I packed a cloth bag laden with bottles of icy water, two towels and the much anticipated, thrilling me every year since I was 17 - September Vogue Wow !!

It was hot, sticky, not a puff of wind & barely a cloud in the blue, blue sky. I had decided I would not, could not, let a perfectly good summer pass me by without being dunked at least once in salt water and yesterday was the day. And oh my ... it was lovely. The sparkling sunshine on the water, the gentle melodic lapping of tiny waves at the edge of the beach inches from my toes, the steady stream of cormorants flying overhead so low I could hear the flap of their wings. Listening to the laughter & chatter of the people on boats leaving & entering our little harbour as I lay soaking in the sunshine & heat ... and ya know my mind went blank Uh ! Huh ! blank
Completely + absolutely blank - hallelujah

I tried a few times to read, to flip through my big fat, 758 pages of Vogueness but I couldn't focus. I didn't want to. I just wanted to sit and listen and stare out into the sea, enjoying the healing warmth of the sun. Letting myself get just hot enough that walking out into the warm water was slightly refreshing feeling. Plodding along up to my neck, tasting the salt water. Then bobbing around a bit, legs and feet pointed out in front of me, hat & sunglasses still on. Then I'd come ashore again, get situated on my beach towel, return to my seaside trance and I repeated this ritual several times over several hours.

it was perfectly lovely, perfectly fantastic

god how I love it ... when my mind goes blank.


  1. It sounds wonderful!

    The weather here has been perfect too and I've been working on my backyard. The deck and a table, which should be ready to entertain guests by next summer! :) I've conquered my fear of the circular saw which I want to shout from the roof tops! HEh.

    I buy the September Vogue every year too! I am disappointed by this years...I only liked the Kate spread {and gorgeous cover dress!} and some of the copious AD pages...I'm not sure if it's a change in me or the issue...Let me know how you feel about it...

    Glad to know you've a copy of The A.W....I have one for after too...Somewhere. Perhaps I should read it and send t on. September seems the perfect time to start such a book.

    I love September!
    and you
    and those wonderful beasts of yours
    and your photos
    and words...

    {ps. my blog is finished but you can reach me through andrealbarrett{at}yahoo{dot}ca }
    {pps. would love to send you a post card}

  2. Hooray! We finally got in the ocean too- when BE et famille were here. Better late than never, I say! Your weekend sounds absolutely amazing - you sure know how to pack it in. Now here's hoping this weather lasts until Halllowe'en! Happy Labour Day! love - n

  3. Sounds like heaven and I'm very jealous as my day was a polar opposite!

  4. Hey Susan - I've been enjoying this lovely N.S. weather too. Spent yesterday at Point Pleasant Park and today at York Redoubt with a picnic. Playing tourist!

  5. Susan Black's mind went blank. I think we need to call Don Draper...this one needs a PR campaign or at least a billboard. Sista, you have arrived.

  6. Sounds like you got hypnotized by the sun and sea. I love that kinda blankness.

  7. Susan!!! Welcome to the "Blank Mind Club" It has a very exclusive membership, and is a highly recommended way of keeping "us of a certain vintage" from going completly "Bonkers". Please visit it, as often as you can . Trust me when I say that you will get the hang of it, the more you do it. Congrats!!!!

  8. I love that "mind goes blank" feeling, too. There are certain days and certain places that encourage it. It keeps us sane, doesn't it? It makes you want to go "aaahh".


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