wonderful ache

Thursday, September 29, 2011

spectacular late afternoon walks in the big meadow with Sam, Winnie Dixon & the Prince

I shudder to think
What it would mean
If the president wore pink
Or if a prostitute was queen
What would happen then
How would the world change
If thick became thin
And the world was rearranged
If the rains brought down the moon
And daylight was feared
And the sun rose too soon
And then just disappeared
If dogs became kings
And the Pope chewed gum
And hobos had wings
And God was a bum
If houses became trees
And flowers turned to stone
And there were no families
And people lived alone
If buildings started laughing
And windows cried
And feet started clapping
And out came inside
If mountains fell in slivers
And the sky began to bleed
And blood filled up the rivers
And prisoners were freed
If the stars fell apart
And the ocean dried up
And the world was one big heart
And decided to stop
If children grew up happier
And they could run with the wolves
And they never felt trapped
Or hungry or unloved
If cats walked on water
And birds had bank accounts
And we loved one another
In equal amounts

Lucinda Williams - What if

a beautiful song heard this morning having coffee with a friend at our village café (& hot spot)

We've been having day after day after day of glorious warm weather, blue skies & sunshine. This morning as Winnie & walked along the boardwalk that edges our little harbour my heart felt so bursting with gratitude & happiness. The tide was out, I breathed in the smell of the ocean, the golden early morning sun was just beginning to touch the other side & we listened to a seagull chattering at a crow who'd landed a little too close to his just claimed tide pool. Along with all this wonderfulness that fills me up, more & more, there's always that small pocket of ache nestled nearby in my heart. Ache & sadness for all the shitty & terrible things that happen in life. Little & huge heartbreaking things that happen to so many near & far. I wonder how it is ...
I'm so lucky.

Very blessed. And I know it.


  1. Thank you for sharing, this is absolutely beautiful!

  2. ...and the world was one big heart...

    So there's your ache - because the world IS one big heart...

    beautiful lyrics, beautiful photos


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