Thursday, August 9, 2012

a sneak peek at my new jewellery collaboration with fine pewter gift company Seagull Pewter

This new Echo jewellery collection of 20 necklaces & 12 bracelets launches this Sunday at the Toronto gift fair (which I'll be at Sunday with much loved nephew Michael). This week I've been madly assembling samples with the gang at Seagull (here in my little village by the sea) & I have to say the Echo collection looks fantastic. This first release is all leather, a black suede ribbon, with polished pewter beads, rings, charms, word & inspirational quotations (ya know I love an inspirational word or two). I see this collection as an extension of the Echo home decor line I designed for the same company many, many moons ago. I will be selling this jewellery here on my blog or in my etsy shop - very soon !

It's all tres exciting - off to the post office for my morning shift then much more jewellery assembly ;-)


  1. Beautiful! Will you ship to China? ;)

  2. I sure will sweet pea !
    world wide ... so very excited for you

  3. Stunning! Very best for Toronto and beyond.... woof, ~moose
    PS... maybe some doggie ID tags?!!

  4. Looks fabulous! And the photos are lovely too.

  5. Tres exciting indeed! Good luck for the coming event, and wishing you every success. x

  6. as they say on TV (and elsewhere, I'm sure!) SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
    Susan! it's all fabulous!
    Best of luck in Toronto... you will very likely fly directly over my home, so think of Gracie and me down here on the ground sending lots and lots of good energy up to you!

  7. Wow! This looks great!

    Looking forward to seeing at the Toronto Gift Fair with you!

  8. Such nice pieces!!! Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing with us, Susan!

  9. Lovely stuff. Gotta go check that ETSY shop ...


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