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Thursday, August 16, 2012

arriving at Toronto Island Airport Saturday

I'm back ... I had a fantastic time, Mike & I checked off every little thing on my wish list except the Royal Ontario Museum :-( a place like the ROM you really need a half day to an entire day to get the full meal deal & we just didn't have that much time. Winnie began showing fairly extreme symptoms of urinary/kidney problems (blood) while I was away so that made Mama feel sick & helpless. A trip to the vet yesterday to find out, thankfully, that it was not something much more serious (like a kidney or bladder tumor which was a distinct possibility until the xrays ruled those both out - Hooray !!). She just has a very bad UTI (urinary tract infection) - antibiotics have kicked in already - Hooray again !!

So ... with the stress (although I really did have great time) of leaving my bubble way far behind, then saying goodbye again to Michael (which made me feel very sad), coming home to a very worrisome situation with Missy D (thankfully a vet apt. had been booked for first thing the very next day) AND fretting and worrying about my upcoming public speaking event, my remind-me-again-why-I-thought-I-could-do-this thing - my collage / mixed media workshop with 12 attendees I'm feeling like I want to run away ... trouble is I have nowhere to run to. Drat.

It's a little bit code red here at 29 Black Street.
Pardon if I'm a bit quiet this week as I recharge my superpowers.

oh yeah ! here's a little TO omg ! blew my foody brain - in a really good way - WOW take the tour
Loblaws @ 60 Carlton (formerly Maple Leaf Gardens & just down the street from Michael's apt. ) Oh yeah !


  1. Thank you Angus ... Doug teases her always telling her that she's a superior breed - she seems to sail through all hurts, bumps & illnesses and boy oh boy am I glad of that xo Susan + Gang

  2. Welcome back! Glad to read you had a good trip. That was a big to-do list to work through.

    I will be beaming good vibes to Winnie that the infection clears quickly and to you that your evil-angel-fear-girl--whatever you call her, I forget--is drowned by your love of collage/mixed media work.

  3. Oh, and I saw Loblaws has a Wall of Cheese. Can that be the Prince's next home improvement project?

  4. Welcome Back Susan!! It was quiet without you. Hope you are renewed and inspired! I'm sure Winnie will heal quickly now that you are back!

  5. Glad you had FUN and glad you are home to reign everything in...hope Winnie is much improved by this writing!!! You will be FINE, Susan...just BREATHE, my friend!

  6. Loblaw's looks wonderful! Lucky Michael to live so close to it. I'm sending best wishes to Winnie to get better, and to you for public speaking success.

  7. Welcome home.... we are thinkin' of Winnie + sending some Colorado paws up
    for good things. Your workshop will be a hit, have fun with it.
    Tail wags to all...~moose

  8. Mom wishes she would have known about Loblaws recipes before our big hike... wow, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Backpack Kisses!!

  9. Ahh you flew into Toronto on Porter airlines. I love the view coming in by the Skydome and the CN Tower. That bit of shoreline in your photo, I didn't even recognize. I suspect your seat was on the Lake side ?

    If you're ever doing a speaking engagement down here in Halifax, please let me know.

    You are a real "Wonder-woman" !

  10. You can run here!
    {For future reference!}
    Love all the photos of you! You and Michael are both gorgeous!
    Kisses {and wishes} of wellness on Miss D's nose...
    xo to you Susan!


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