Sunday, August 26, 2012

and the thing ... the unfortunate fuchsia thing ... about beets

We've been enjoying beets from our own garden and baskets of just ripe Ontario peaches. Roasted beets are delicious & really the best way to preserve all their sweet taste and goodness. I'd been reading (who knows where ?) about grilling & roasting peaches. I thought hmmmmm maybe I'll combine the two - a roasted beet, peach, onion, garlic side dressed with finely sliced fresh basil, toasted pine nuts for a little crunch, cider vinegar & feta cheese. Sounds good n'est pas ? tasted terrific but most definitely needs to be a composed salad served un-tossed - 'cause once you mix it together- oooh - that's even too pink for me.

Roasted peaches -amazing - peel & half peaches, put a smidge of butter & brown sugar in each depression roast uncovered at 425 for 15 mins or so. Serve with premium vanilla ice cream or big dollops of whipped cream (sung by a chorus of angels) - Shut Up !!

Roasted beets in foil - cut the ends of beets, half any super large beets, drizzle with olive oil & cidar vinegar, wrap up in a foil package & roast in 425 oven (along with the peaches) for 20-30  minutes. peel beets as they cool (peels slip off easily). Enjoy


  1. I've just picked my first beetroots (as we call them here!) of the year today. They've done really well, and I can only blame the endless rain that we've had. No peaches, but we did have home-grown rhubarb with cream!

  2. hmmm .. we love home grown rhubarb around here also. Everyone (and I mean everyone in the Eastern part of Canada) has a rhubarb patch in their yard.


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