toronto { 2 }

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mike / toronto landmark cn tower / more ttc travel / excellent breakfast with rachel shelagh (rachel's good friend) / apt. corner / a very big hole / city flora / instead of dacquoise @ dufflet's a hero burger & fries / another view of amazing wall art / church near the grange park / me along the waterfront / the view from michael's living room / handsome, handsome ;-)

Les highlights

Saturday evening dinner at Gio Rana's Really Nice Restaurant with jewellery/product design customer Seagull Pewter
(merci CY & Heather). A tres cool, hip Leslieville hot spot with excellent Italian food.

Sunday up early and off to the giftshow (CGTA) for the morning and Yorkdale area in the afternoon for shopping (Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Pusateris & great ice cream at Summer's). Then to 60 College & the giant Loblaws food heaven for dinnertime sushi & bedtime snacks (potato chips). Oh yeah, oh boy YES that wall of cheese ! but how' bout that wall of cupcakes ? I'm still reeling from the fact that I did not buy at least a 6 pack of those babies - what was I thinking ?

Monday up & out early again for a perfect breakfast meeting with Shelagh at the Daybreak (I LOVE breakfast) then hopped on the TTC to Osgoode where we began our long (10 block) walk  west on Queen Street (Umbra, Aveda, Urban Outfitters, CB2, Above Ground Art Supplies, The Paper Place (heaven), Dufflet's (we did have carrot cake samples - yum), Hero Burgers (more yum) & lots more shops ending up at West Elm. Dinner delicious pizza !! & a few apt. decorating projects.

Tuesday morning Michael & I off to the Toronto Island airport for my noon Porter Air flight home

I'm already making my must-do list for next trip January 2013


  1. City living. Sublime. Especially when you don't have to live there full-time.

    It will be fun to view photos of Toronto in winter.

  2. Hey Susan, I've been following you in stealth mode, as it were, for a while now, just reading along in my Google Reader. But I HAD to come over here in person today to say I can't decide who's cuter, you or your nephew. What a lovely city Toronto is, thank you for sharing your journey!

  3. Aren't you the consummate cutie pie, standing so demurely there on the waterfront!!! While a whirlwind visit to be sure, it sounds like you hit all the high notes possible and enjoyed yourself immensely! Don't wait until NEXT January to go back!!! Michael is a PEACH!!!

  4. Toronto = chilly willy in the winter!
    Only fit for Golden Retrievers :-)
    Tail wags ~moose

  5. Hello All - blushing am I ;-) thanks for the sweet comments & to Vicki that Missy Darn Dee made that rule - twice a year max. I'm good @ Whirlwind.

    She has separation anxiety or is it me that has it from her ? oh well one of us has it & bad - hence the not so often traveling.

    Part trois tomorrow

  6. Nice to visit Toronto.
    Even nicer going back home.

  7. Beautiful photos of you recently. I remember when once we'd be lucky to see two eyes poking out over the warm fleece collar! You look divine - Michael is very photogenic also - must run in the family.
    Glad to see you had fun Susan and appreciate the pics as I doubt I'll ever get to Toronto.

  8. I enjoyed my virtual breakfast with you and Shelagh, thank you - maybe we can do it for real some time!


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