Monday, August 6, 2012

boats in the harbour / rudbeckia in the park / ash tree / portulaca / peach wrappers (for collage) / orange & yellow cosmos / virgil / nasturtium / monkfish with wine butter sauce / early morning dew / first bouquet of sweer peas / gull & fishing boat

After a freaky few days - OK I guess I shouldn't be wishing to go and live on Elsmere Island so I can dance & play with the snowy hares - I'm feeling much better. Talked with much loved (& soon to be hangin' with) nephew Mike on Skype yesterday for 2 hours, I'm so excited about this upcoming Toronto trip (I leave this coming Saturday afternoon). It's going to be a week of busy work and lots more hot muggy weather - what a lovely treat at the end.

Stay tuned for my things I must do in TO list - I used to live there ya know ? I moved to this little village from Toronto nearly 20 years ago.


  1. are you taking a LONG drive or a QUICK flight to Toronto? Getting ready for a show like that is HUGE, best of luck... we will be thinking of you and excited to hear ALL the details. Tail wags. ~moose

  2. Hey Moose - it's a quick flight - Moncton / Ottawa /Toronto - I won't be blogging while away but trust that I will be taking "oodles" of photos & I'm sure Mike will let me use his iphone (hooray). He's going take some great portraits of me so I'll have them for bio accompanying etc...

    I cannot wait xoxo Susan + Gang

  3. I think everyone in Nova Scotia moved here from Toronto ... or Newfoundland ! ;-)

    Toronto is a wonderful place, TO VISIT.


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