last of the crazy people

Friday, August 3, 2012

19 snippets of my our recent life - our Passionate Observer club's Week 1 - challenge

I've been working on submitting bios and photographs of myself to various customers who will be promoting me & my creations. Goodness what's harder than writing about yourself, your work & choosing photographs of yourself ? I'm afraid it's all a necessary evil of Creative Empire building and one which I am trying to embrace (& not refer to as evil). Who am I anyway ? And what the heck am I doing ?? questions I'm learning, for the most part, are best not to ponder too deeply.

The other night while flipping back and forth between the Canadian and American coverage of the Olympics I landed on our PBS station. A longtime favourite destination. I instantly became immersed in an episode of Nature (also a favourite - though worrisome sometimes to watch as Nature can be cruel & sad). This episode was about the wildlife & winter on Elsmere Island - a gorgeous, barren and extremely harsh world. The inhabitants a motley crew of silly, bouncing, kicking, kooky snow hares. Gyrfalcons fussing over their brood of three chicks high up in a niche in a cliff, a yearling female wolf who had become separated from her pack (she was exhuberantly reunited at the end), arctic fox kits - also happy, silly, goofy tumbling & racing around. Snowy owl chicks who waddle everywhere in their puffy, plush coats. It was amazing, they all were amazing.

Watching I instantly became enthralled, and felt relaxed ... happy. I thought to myself, there on the TV screen, they are my clan - they are my tribe. It is truly how I feel, as strange or ridiculous as it may sound to some. I'm at best lost, misplaced, confused & frightened in a human world so much of the time. A fish out of water, or a snowy owl out of nature & I suspect one of the last of the crazy* people.

Bleet on the front path / calendula / chillaxin No.1 / red phlox / Maggie Sue / Ahh - the sea / from our garden / our pack / pink trailing petunia / chocolate brown room / Missy Darn D / poppies / hydrangea / Oliver / blueish purple petunias / impatience on the front porch / chillaxin' No.2 / geranium at dusk / me in my natural habitat

*Also the title of a book by Canadian Timothy Findley - The Last of the Crazy People - heard recently on CBC radio 1's The Next Chapter (most excellent radio showall about books & authors) with Shelagh Rogers in a segment called If you loved ____ (insert book title here) ... you'll love ____ (insert in-the-same-vein book here). Apparently if you loved We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver you'll also love The Last of the Crazy People.


  1. Hey! Love the "bokeh" behind the hydrangea! Also madly in love with your close ups. I adore close up views. hello cat eye!
    You go! From one crazy lady to the next!

  2. thanks Dalyce !! happy weekend

  3. Your hair is gorgeous!

    I am happy to say I've read everything Timothy Findley has written. I love Famous Last Words the most I think...Though, it's a hard thing to choose...I was so forlorn when he died, I miss his pen...

    XO to you crazies over there from the crazy here!

  4. Love those photos -- especially you in your natural environment.

    Far from being crazy, I think you are quite sane.

  5. Love the photos... that blue flower is just amazing.

  6. Oh, and I love looking into animals' eyes, too. It helps me to understand them.

  7. Great photos!! Although so far away, I feel I can truly say "good to see you again!" xx.

  8. Great, great Photographs!

    and just a note to let you know the remainder of the Crazy people are here in St. Martins!

  9. Beautiful photos of your flowers, pets and you in natural your habitat. Cats certainly know how to relax and I love that kitty close up photo.

    xoxoxo ♡

  10. Mom is "catching up" for PO, yippeee...come visit to see :-)
    Love your photo peeking out to us + who is the new "retriever"??? Tail wags ~moose

  11. Wonderful photos, especially the portraits, the height of summer.

  12. What beautiful dogs!

    I did like We Need to Talk About Kevin! I should check the other book out!

  13. Such wonderful photographs! And the picture of you is one of my favorites! Love that sweet pack of yours.


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