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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a selection of portraits of my girl Winnie Dixon my constant, most excellent photographer's companion 

Always seeing something, 
never seeing nothing, 
being a photographer 

Walter De Mulder

It's 3pm and I have spent the day (since 9am lost in beautiful halls of my iphoto archives). I've been asked again this year to participate in a fundraising art book curated by Sara Harley called Paws for Charity (last year I missed the deadline and I was very determined to not miss it again this year - Feb 14th). But Oh my ! choosing just 5 photos (from all my adored pet images) nearly killed me, it actually made me feel sick. In the end I sent 8 but I could have easily sent 48. Thank goodness I have this blog, this place to document all my tons of visual love. Of course many of my favourites photos from les iphoto archives are of Miss D since she's with me ... always.

Winnie turned 14 in January and it feels like she has always been with me. What will I ever do without her ?
I love you madly Miss Dixon !


  1. Miss D looks very sweet. I never tire of seeing photos of her.

  2. Oh my - how difficult it would be to choose. There have been the most beautiful photos of Winnie over the years -I can imagine what a hard task that would have been.

  3. Hi Judy & Pam thank you & Miss Dee thanks her people ;-) & Pam I did receive your lovely "merci" email. I'm so glad you do consider yourself a cat lady xoxo Susan

  4. So much Miss Winnie goodness!
    I do love your wonderful photographs.

  5. thank you Pamela
    love to you all especially Edward & Apple
    with special woofs from Sam & Dee

  6. ps to Pam in Australia
    LOVIN" the new avatar photo
    beautiful !

  7. I love them all but my favourite is the flowers with Miss Winnie on the floor with her Kong.

  8. A photogenic pup she is!

    Miss Drooke is 13 and I know how you feel...I was there for her birth! She was born in a barn around the bay, in the hood of one of my stored winter coats...

    *sigh* love is rough...

    Love all the animals that grace your blog.

  9. The first one looks like a Karst (is that his name, that man who photographed all those famous Canadians and made big fancy coffee table books?)! She is just looking at you with such love and happiness...

    Alison in Japan
    (P.S. The most beautiful envelope arrived in my mailbox yesterday full of wonderful ideas and words or encouragement. I can't wait to get a frame for it and put it right beside my bed. It will be the first thing I look at every morning. Immediately went out shopping to try to find something special to send back. But all the fancy stores around here have Western stuff - no beautiful Japanese art to be found. So you will have to be a little patient... I am on a treasure hunt to see what I will find...)

  10. Hi Sybil, Dee & Alison. I am so happy that I have so many photos (& memories) of Winnie. Our walks each day, especially our early morning walk, feel sacred to me ... it's when I think about that time of day I'm sure I'll be lost without her.

    Alison I think the photographer you're thinking of is Karsh (Yousuf) & what a lovely compliment (it's the light) - that image is a polaroid SX-70 from many years ago, early days of this blog's life.

    There are more, many more, Miss Dee portraits from the archives to come - in fact I think it will be a 3 day event ! xos

  11. may 14 be a great year Miss D...
    tail wags always ~moose

  12. Miss Dee is so lovely, there is such an expression of love for you in her soft brown eyes.
    Great photos dear Susan.
    xoxoxo ♡

  13. Gorgeous photos - how wonderful and what a lovely companion Winnie is.

  14. Just love that first photo in particular. She looks like such an old soul.

  15. I loved the photos. Good job with this blogpost


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