bluest blue

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

scenes from a mid february - photos 1, 5, 6 & 7 were all taken while on today's early morning frigid but sunny walk

It's another typical winter here in Nova Scotia - a constantly changing buffet of weather conditions. Blizzard/white out conditions, snowfall warnings, windchill advisories, unseasonably warm temperatures, frigid cold temperatures, glorious sunshiny blue sky days contrasted by beautiful pale whites and grey days, days that feel like Spring is definitely in the air and lots of days that just feel like plain old winter. It's something for us to gab about in line at the grocery store (a Canadian's most favourite topic of conversation is never religion or politics - it's always the weather). This morning's walk along the harbour's edge felt like Antarctica, no wind (chill) thankfully, but really cold. It's down and fleece and hood zipped up weather - snowdrifts frozen so hard you can walk on top of them. By lunchtime when Miss D and I took the car to do a few errands plus and a sweet little walk along the salt mine road it was like a spring day again, all drippy and melty and with the bluest blue sky ever.


  1. Dear Winnie, doesn't it just feel marvellous to roll and rub your back in the snow !

    Love, Trey

  2. dang it's cold!! Come to Colorado Winnie ... tail wags. ~moose

  3. Wow!! Thank you so much for posting the view of your life everyday. I am so happy that you are seeing blue. We have a sunny day after a few days of rain, so I might have to go out and explore, too.

    I totally love the photo of Winnie rolling in the snow. So glad that she manages so well in the cold. I have loved your series on Winnie, but it makes me wish I had a dog. Could use some dog love around now...


  4. So many beautiful blues in the sky, landscape and water...good that Winnie is enjoying the snow.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. When it snows it's like the signal for our dogs to run out and roll in it. They absolutely love it. especially the one with hair like a shaggy mop.


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