layers & layers

Sunday, February 10, 2013

working on two canvases at once layering, layering, layering - dripping, dragging, dabbing, drawing, dotting, swooshing, stamping - a silent whistle blows & I rotate my surface 90 degrees & begin again drip, swoosh, drag, draw, dot, dribble ... & being brave & unattached to each new layer trying, learning (I think) to let go of the expectation that my painting be something ;-) I am to add black & white & translucent liquid acrylics to each layer before Tuesday's class paint day at Flora Bowley's fantastic wild, intuitive painting e-course Bloom True. Having so much fun ... it's very hard to stop and work on anything else ...

There are two ways to be happy:
improve your reality,
or lower your expectations
Jodi Picoult


  1. loving both of these, susan! they are so you but in a whole new free-spirited way.

  2. These are just fabulous!
    Well done!

    I am both improving my reality and lowering my expectations! Or perhaps making my expectations {of others, the Harper government :), life's daily} more realistic...

    XO to You and all the gang!

  3. Gee...
    What happened there?
    Popped up twice!
    What I said was deemed exceptional by the blogger gods?

  4. This is the perfect class for you and your saturated palette and iconography. These two do not look like first canvases.

  5. WOW! These are amazing.
    I think I would like this class. :) xox

  6. I'm really enjoying watching the progress of these canvasses.

  7. Drip.
    Sort of a marvellous metaphor for life.
    Love the quote about expectations.


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