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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ease - the state of being comfortable or relieved

freedom from pain, worry or agitation
freedom from constraint or embarrassment; naturalness
freedom from difficulty, hardship or effort
readiness or dexterity in performance; facility
freedom from financial difficulty;affluence
a state of rest, relaxation or leisure

eased, easing, eases

to slacken the strain, pressure or tension of
to give respite from
to lessen
to alleviate
to reduce the difficulty or trouble of
to move or maneuver slowly & carefully
to lessen, as in discomfort, pressure or stress

at ease

in a relaxed position

ease - my one little word for 2013.

I think when you try this process of choosing a word, just one word, to help be your guide or mantra for the year you likely will try a lot of different words on for size. Read Ali Edwards thoughts here both on choosing your word and what that word can mean to you / for you in the upcoming year. I began thinking about what my 2013 word might be late in 2012. Humming & hawing, pondering & wondering - the wheels of choice beginning to grind. My word for last year was can & that word can turned out to be quite a guiding force, in hindsight, in an attitude in me which created much success in 2012.

a few of the words I considered along the way were - brave, focus, discipline, lessen, stretch, trim, grow, develop, bold, imagine & dream. The trail of breadcrumbs that eventually lead me to find this, my word, went as follows - a current favourite blog of mine is Susannah Conway (I read her blog faithfully) she recently had a post about life coach Rachel W. Cole so of course I hopped over to Rachel's blog where she offers an online e-course called Ease-Hunting (if I wasn't so busy with other e-courses I would definitely consider adding this one to my current curriculum). I clicked again on the course details and began instantly really thinking about the word ease ... and truthfully I could not stop thinking about it. It felt like a big ol' tap, tap, tap on the shoulder from Madam Universe.

I'm someone who suffers (and I do mean suffer) from much dis-ease in my day to day life - anxiety, worry, fret, insecurity, more worry and so often all that dis-ease feels somewhat debilitatingly. As someone who's often wound as tight as a top, as someone who has a somewhat ingrained philosophy that if there's no struggle how can there be gain ? (I did seriously consider the word discipline for this year - wtf ?). 2013 is the most perfect time for me to learn to embrace ease.

ease - I love you already you sweet, simple lil' word

what's your one word for 2013 ? if you've mentioned it before mention it here again & again ... & again xos


  1. Brilliant!

    {You should offer up the visual as a print...It's wonderful!}

    You found your word quite organically, I think the "ease" with which it came to {when it was the right time} is a sign...
    Well done!

    {ps. Miss Drooke was purring and grinning when she saw her name on a gorgeous piece of mail recently...Response soon via the snail...}

  2. Love it - and agree that your visual as a print would be magical.

  3. perfect! it's time to dis the 'dis' and say please to the ease.

  4. I like what Allyson said!

    Once I saw Ease - I felt my back and chest relax.

    I really and truly look forward to your posts as you practice and master 'Ease'.

  5. That's perfect! And you can say you've been "easing" into it for ages now. Tee-hee!
    xo n

  6. Good positive word. It conveys so much for you and your life.

    Now ease out that throttle girl and enjoy your success.

  7. That is a great word for 2013. I should use it more myself.

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