Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oliver's sure he sees a squirrel (or 2) my this still-in-progress painting from the amazing Flora Bowley's - Bloom True class / windowsill thyme at a golden hour / Virgil or Gussie Gus in his high rise pad (the pillow topped bed on top of the wooden drying rack) / Winnie, Bella, Sam & Deb from Saturday afternoon's walk along the harbour / lunch, oh my, those field green mixes with baby arugula yum / alert ! a mild day & the office window is open (with screen of course)

Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing 
Lao Tzu

I'm having one of those days. It's 12:21 pm and I've managed to have my early morning walk with Missy D, my breakfast, I power walked to & from my yoga class, had lunch & did a quick tidy of the teak topped desk but at this moment I feel lazy, unmotivated, sleepy, dull ... I just don't feel like doing anything. Maybe sipping tea, under a down duvet with a cat (guess who ?) sleeping on me, while I stare off at some point far away in distance space, not thinking, not planning, not working, not reading, sketching, not cooking, not dreaming or scheming. Nothing.

I just feel like doing nothing at all & I think that's exactly what I will do.

Next up - nothing ;-)

great NY Times article via Lisa Congdon on the benefits of just that - chillaxin'


  1. It is empowering to allow yourself to do nothing.
    Enjoy it, you deserve it, you earned it. Savor it.

  2. Such a good quote - and such a good way to be and thoroughly enjoy.

  3. You could think of your "doing nothing" as "meditation." Dropping this business for a long moment to appreciate what is. With cat and tea.

  4. Some times doing nothing is the mother of creativity :)

  5. You have had a busy morning, lunch looks great and a little rest curled up with a cat sounds good to me...enjoy doing nothing at all.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. I mean this as a compliment to what you take photos of -- it's like the camera is attached to your face.
    It doesn't sound like a compliment but I write it with great amazement and envy.

  7. thank you Sara & I'll take it as a lovely compliment. I feel as though it is part of me - my need to capture moments

  8. I LOVE that photo of the two dogs. They are beautiful.

  9. Hi Judy it's actually 3 dogs, Miss D's in the back left ? xos

  10. Hope you enjoyed just chillin' and doing nothing. You don't do nothing often enough.


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