snow dogs

Saturday, February 9, 2013

water street this early morning /  hark ! off in the snowy distance comes a Prince and a Samuel / water street looking the other direction / snow dogs / Sam / Winnie just inside the back door / blizzard

Yes it's full on blizzard weather here - up to 40cm of snow expected to fall with wild windy white out conditions. We're snug as bugs now, back inside after our let's take a wee spin around the village with the snow dogs ;-)


  1. That photo of Sam is hilarious. Don't those dogs ever feel cold?

  2. Love it!!! Haven't shown the kiddoes your snow pics recently, they are going to be soooooo jealous!!!

  3. Great pictures, as always! The storm has finished here... Blazing blue sky. Fantastic shadows, all plowed out and shoveled, too. I just love a dog with snow on their face! Gracie has been tearing around the exercise yard like a mad dog! We got less than twelve inches of very fluffy stuff, so it's just pretty, pretty, pretty!
    XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO from the gang in P'ville.

  4. Hi John, Sam is definitely an all weather dog, perhaps a lil' St. Bernard in the mix he loves being outside, loves any outdoor activity + enjoys just hangin' by himself in the back yard parked in a big drift and Miss Dee somehow seems invigorated by snow & stormy weather though she detests rain. Thankfully it's not that cold and this morning's walk was quick. 4:32 pm and it's still blowing here

    A big hello to the kiddoes Amy (finally sent your card Friday) - ah Hawaii here we come ... one day I'm warning you ;-)

    & another big hello to you Kathie & Gracie glad to hear you're plowed out & snug. New snail mail to you this week - will email when it's on it's way.

    Off now to finish dinner prep - bratwurst, cabbage, onions & apples slow cooked in a dutch oven - yum

  5. Weatherproof dogs - don't you just love 'em?

  6. Snowing.
    Here too.
    I am loving it...Peace...

  7. A little too windy in the Passage for me to go walking. Icy snow picks at the face. Trey spent 35 min. walking on the treadmill and Wendy 15. Then we played a rousing game of "find the stuftie".

  8. hey Sybil. Lucky dogs ... very lucky dogs but I know you think you're the lucky one - woofs to Trey & Wendy from Sam & Missy D

  9. we have a slight dusting here in Colorado... gezzz what we would give for a full blown out blizzard, snow shoveling and digging madly to find a tennis ball in the snow.... tail wags + enjoy your dutch oven meal of champions!

  10. Great photos of your snow-kissed dogs, the expression on Sam's face is so cute ... that snow looks so beautiful to me.

    Have a lovely week!
    xoxoxo ♡


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