Thursday, February 7, 2013

geraniums / Winnie the snow dog / poplar lichen / windowsill cats Virgil & Oliver / Flo's pitcher ? Samuel / early morning shadows / windowsill cats No.2 / paint brushes / geraniums at 5pm / windowsill cats No.3 / kitten grass

Everything has beauty, 
but not everyone sees it.

If I look back into this blog's vast archives the thing I will always be most proud of, the thing that makes my heart ache in that really good way, are the photographs ... occasionally it's the words that go along with my visual documentation. Thoughts I've written, the record of my life, of who I was and how I felt, and what I hoped for. I've always had hope in spades. Hopes & dreams & plans sustained me. Hope I think eventually turns into belief, belief to truth, truth to gratitude ... and continued hope.

But I'm mostly proud of all the noticing I've done. No matter what, I managed to always look with hope. With wonder ...
I'm not sure why or how I did that over the years, but I am grateful, so grateful that I have this record of a life.

It's not what you look at that matters, 
it's what you see.
Henry David Thoreau

* todays's selection of images are all from my iphoto archives. Madam G-12 returned yesterday so we're back in business ;-)


  1. I love windowsill cats No. 3
    i can't imagine my cats ever getting that close to each other! even though (because?) they're brother and sister, they prefer to keep a certain distance between themselves. on the same bed, perhaps, but definitely each to their own space.
    glad to hear your camera is back safe n' healthy, and that you're having such fun with/so inspired by your myriad e-courses. you go, sister!
    xo n

  2. I LOVE the cats snuggling one, too. We should all take some time out to do that. Join them! Naps are supposed to be really good for you...

    I am taking a self-portrait (photo) e-course with Vivienne McMaster right now and it is amazing the things I am noticing. Not only is it bringing up lots of weird feelings, but seeing the photos of the other participants is mind-blowing. But now everywhere I go, I see beauty waiting to be captured (with my iPhone) and taken home with me.

    Today, amongst the blue sky (so we know it isn't going to last for very long!), snow is lightly falling in southern Japan...

    Alison (did you get my letter yet?)

  3. Your photos are always wonderful dear Susan, they show how much you do actually see and how much you feel the beauty.
    I love these photos, Winnie looks so sweet with her dusting of snow, the windowsill cats are so lovely. My two girls Emily and Lily would snuggle up together for many years when they were kittens and younger cats but sadly they don't any more.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. bonjour norman !

    xoxo yes ! thanks !! & lots of gratitude Dee

    Alison no letters yet from Japan I sent yours last week also. I know who Vivienne is (a fellow Canadian) & I'm sure her course is terrific I would love an iphone "just" for the camera - you need a blog to begin posting & documenting ...

    & thank you Dianne for your kind words, this blog has made me appreciate that I can & do feel beauty.

  5. just beautiful - the glorious images and the wise words...
    i mentioned you in today's blogpost - hope you don't mind :)

  6. A snow powdered Miss WD looking very relaxed.

  7. I hope you also are printing your blog for your future self to read.

  8. I do enjoy the photos on your blog. I love those cats all curled up together. My two would never sleep like that.


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