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Monday, December 2, 2013

I needed colour this December morning - all but No.5 are from my vast (& loved) iphoto archives

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day 
with no mistakes in it yet ?

L. M. Montgomery

Thank You Pamela from far away Australia for the sweet & lovely package (which I confess arrived some time ago), the owl wrapping paper I LOVE and is hung prominently in it's new spot at CEHQ (Creative Empire HeadQuarters). I have a note ready for the post to send off to you (from all of us) this week. Merci ! my friend.

Kitty YES you may certainly be Betty's godmother!! she's thrilled and I think we'd like to ask Dianne if she would take on the role of second godmother ;-) (also from afar) Dianne ?? much love to you 3 from me & les Gang xoxo


  1. It is with great delight that you have bestowed the godmother title upon me for lovely little Betty. From Day One she has struck me as a wonderful cat, in independence, spirit, resolve and now in love by coming into your home and being part of the brood.

    I really love all your brood, I favor Oliver as I have an exact female version in Lucy who adopted us eight years ago.

    So I thank you for allowing me to beg for the honor without shame =(^-^)= =(^-^)= =(^-^)=

  2. Beautiful photos of flowers, kitties and leaves.
    I would be honoured to be Lil Miss Betty's second godmother,she is so beautiful like all of your cats. I love them all as if they were my own. I will be a loving and responsible godmother, lots of virtual cuddles from me.
    Thank you for asking dear Susan, your 'Gang' as you call them and you have become a special part of my life.
    Much love and kisses
    xoxoxo ♡ >(^-^)<.

  3. xoxoxoxox from Betty & me

    & more on very Betty soon Madam Kitty Godmother … I've been taking lots of photos of her and have been planning a Betty update post.

    She has an enormous personality and I'm amazed at how clearly it seems to come through in my shots of her (as she has quite a few fans here). She leads Winnie and I around the block each early morning. She stops here and there to investigate something, a smell, a bird … and falls behind, then zooms ahead of us at top speed resuming her normal lead position, tail straight in the air. She can be tres theatrical, yet laissez faire at the same time. She's a cool cat.

    Doug is completely madly in love with her, she can do no wrong in his eyes. I often hear him downstairs cooing and chirping at her and talking in a very high pitched itty bitty Betty cat voice.

  4. Hooray Dianne … another purrfect godmother for our itty bitty Betty, who's actually gained quite a bit of weight and has become almost chubby ;-)

  5. Yes dear Susan, thanks to you and Doug she is looking very healthy and happy in her new home.
    I just love how she takes charge of the morning walks, she is one spirited little kitty and I love her.
    love and hugs to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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