uh huh !

Friday, December 13, 2013

one of 3 NEW designs for MagnetWorks (a fantastic company to work with) - check for a retailer near you* here

shine bright - uh huh !

and always remember sometimes you need to keep on shiny bright even through the muddy mirk & madness ;-)

+ check out MagnetWorks sneak peek to see my involvement in their Studio M peace pole project - woohoo-ing !

* garden flags, mats, mailbox covers & yard signs are sold in Canada & USA - even in my little Nova Scotia village - please try calling the MagnetWorks toll free number to see if you might find a retailer in your area.

& we can also shine bright like a diamond - let's add a little Rihanna to that magic mojo mix


  1. so beautiful indeed! I truly love the poles. Tail wags to all + HoHoHo.

  2. Love your stuff Susan and a lot of the other stuff on the magnets web page ... but gosh I found the page confusing. Where in Nova Scotia can I find your flags ?

  3. Hi Sybil sorry … that was confusing you'd have to call their toll free number. I'm off to add that note to my post

  4. Your new work for Magnetworks is really beautiful dear Susan and I really like those colourful art poles.
    xoxoxo ♡


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