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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a mix of archival & current images - harbour love / morning dew / my buddy, my constant companion & comfort / hydrangea / the nest aver Miss B / a Betty portrait with much loved orange cat Mama blankie / I'm so grateful that I live by the sea / Winnie Dixon & Tweet / tree love / Mr. paws on boss cat, doesn't want to miss a thing ;-) 

The wise know that too much doing and a thing won't get done. The secret to manifesting on the highest level is to find the perfect amount of doing and non-doing to allow the doing to be done. Sometimes much more can be accomplished simply by letting go and trusting. 

Jackson Kiddard

I am moments away from practically* finishing the HUGE project I've been working on all fall, since September really, when the initial planning, conceptualizing thumbnail drawing portion began. OMG ! I've had moments, and many of them, where I wanted to fling myself off of my cushy, spinning office chair, wave the white flag of creative slumpdom and say "I give", I'm failing, I'm floundering, I can't do this - but of course I would never, ever say that I was just in one of those creative slumpdom big snit phases - which happen to all of us, even to my new dear friend Annie Lamott. Last night I was listening to this Anne L. book chat on repeat while outlining typography with ink and a very fine paintbrush - I had to pause her she was making me laugh so hard and squiggle my meant to be somewhat straight lines (it was her skiing mishap story for those of you who have been listening along too).

I've been creating all of these new pieces in Photoshop. Hand collaging/mixed media bits, icons & typography, scanning them, close cropping them (les clipping path - Photoshop term) then layering, layering, layering. I can't tell you an exact number of photoshop files, let's just say very many. This week, after today, I need to get ready for this Saturday's Christmas Farmer's Market and package + send my lovely retail stockists Inkwell in Halifax and Dots & Loops in Lunenburg their "better late than never" holiday packages. No calendars this year (sad face) I just didn't have time. Then finally I have one custom/freelance art project and tout fini for 2013 … well almost finished ;-) seems I'm never really finished … secretly I'm pretty sure I actually like it best that way. Shhhhhh ;-)

* I say practically because there is a slight round 2 headed toward me mid-December but I do get a wee, much needed break for a week or so. Hooray !


  1. I hear you about the calendars, we did not do one either! Will I "see" you in:
    Tail wags + your photos are stunning today. ~moose

  2. Beautiful images dear Susan, I really like your bedroom decor and yes I see
    lil Miss Betty leaving the orange blankie,(what would Virgil say?), love her portrait, Miss Winnie and Tweet, good that they are friends and Oliver looks a little more relaxed. Perhaps because the year is coming to an end, both you and he can slow down a little and have a well deserved rest.
    love and hugs to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Lovely photos. I'm envious of your neat desk! Mine is always a mess! Looks like Miss Betty is adapting to the indoors.

  4. I have been looking back at past posts, something I like to do here as I love your images and sweet words.
    Lil Miss Betty has certainly blossomed since she has been in your care, she looks well and happy.
    love to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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