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Thursday, December 12, 2013

good morning crow / lichen love or searching for green / near the crescent beach / dune grass / greenery / winter / asters

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  Harold Whitmann

Oh Boy ! There's no question I have come alive this year.

Especially so in the last few years but most of all this darn year (yeah you 2013 !) I've come alive lately at such a rapid rate and in so many different ways I can hardly stand it - literally. It's felt way too often like I'm on some high speed, thrashing, spinning, somersaulting ride, dizzy & waving frantically to the controls guy to stop (the madness) but he does not hear me so on I go - whizzing, falling, spinning, tumbling, feeling really queasy, anxious, awful, afraid & insecure. Doubt & questions of Self Worth  are always on this crazy ride with me. 

But … I understand clearly now that truly coming alive is always a mixed bag, sometimes a surprise bag, of emotions, thoughts & feelings. Note to self - none thankfully are permanent Phew ! That indeed the very best way, in fact really the ONLY way, to get to the other side of anything is to go through it. Going through some shit stuff feels so very difficult (les bold understatement) but WOW ! when you land securely on the other side and take a look back at all the distance you've covered, all the lessons you've learned and all the growth you've accomplished it feels GREAT ! it feels freakin' fantastic.

I've recently been treated myself to some extreme self-care with nightly pre-bed/book time back-to-back episodes of Modern Family (laughter is indeed the best medicine) LOVE !!!! & I've delightfully given in to an out-of-the-blue intense craving for eggrolls with spicy plum sauce. TLC +++

My friend Allison from Japan (via Canada) mentioned my fav Katy Perry - You Rock On Girlfriend Wontcha ! song in yesterday's comments, let's add this one to the mojo mix. Baby you're a Firework ;-)


  1. Wow! So honoured to have made the comments. You will have to come and visit us in Japan so you can see me knock it out with 14-year-old dd at karaoke! ;-) And Modern Family is my all time favourite tv programme (well, maybe after M*A*S*H because I used to watch it with family...). I think I know what to ask for for Christmas (can't get it on Hulu Japan so would have to order it). You can watch those episodes over and over again...

  2. I need inspiration and your quote for today has given me what I need.


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