dear April

Monday, March 31, 2014

our huge bedroom geranium is loving the longer days / the crescent beach / lichen love / cottages and the sea wall / ice ice baby / tiny clementine seedling (instructions here) / branches, snow, shadows / more lichen love / looking out into the Northumberland Strait from atop the crescent beach sea wall

Winter is hanging on for dear life here in Nova Scotia. Wednesday we had the biggest & wildest blizzard of the 2013/2014 winter season, yesterday was an all day freezing rain storm and today another winter storm advisory lurks in our near future (15-30 cmd of snow). It's funny I don't mind any of it. I hear so many people/Canadians complaining about Winter fatigue (we Canucks LOVE to complain chat about the weather) and this winter came early for us, much earlier & much nastier (bitter cold & lots of snow) than usual. We're happy to see you dear April ;-) we've been patiently waiting your welcome arrival.


  1. I too will now plant some lemon seeds in a circular pattern + enjoy! Happy April...may the meltdown begin. Tail wags ~moose

  2. Hiya Moose - the lemon & clementine seeds (I followed the method linked here) took ages to finally sprout - but sprouting they finally are. Still know signs of sprouting with my 2 avocado pits - have you had any luck with yours ??

    woof, tailwags, purrs & xoxo S + gang

  3. I felt that way about March. I am very bitter. And suffering from a nasty case of cabin fever.

  4. Wonderful images dear Susan, your Winter and snow seem to be staying around for a long time.
    I love the scent of citrus leaves and blossoms, always so fresh.
    Love to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Yes- a little winter blues here in MN too! This morning the temp was 16 with a high of like 35. Our normal high right now should be 50.... Although, I shouldn't be complaining because the blizzard yesterday missed us. :) like seeing your plant pics- spring has to come soon......


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