oh ! happy day

Saturday, March 1, 2014

oh ! happy day - cut paper collage & assembled digitally - Susan Black

Trying to leave my dependency on that darn black outline behind me in the dust ;-) Happy Sunday !


  1. Beautyful !
    have a nice week !

  2. You know I love this ... right ?

    Wanna drive up your neck of the woods this summer for a cuppa.

  3. Would love to have a culpa again with you Sybil !

    looking forward to it - kisses to Trey, Wendy & the rest of the gang xoxo Susan, Sam, Winnie Dixon + gang

  4. uh ... that would be a cuppa Sybil, not sure what a culpa is ???? culpa cabana maybe ?? just realized it's that darned auto spelling correction- errrggggh

  5. Beautiful dear Susan, the message, the colours and those sweet little birds.
    Have a happy week!
    love Dianne
    xoxoxo ♡


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