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Monday, March 17, 2014

Dogs are minor angels, and I don't mean that facetiously. 
They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, willing to do anything that makes us happy, etcetera. If we attributed some of those qualities to a person we would say they are special. If they had ALL of them, we would call them angelic. But because it's "only" a dog, we dismiss them as sweet or funny but little more. However when you think about it, what are the things that we most like in another human being? Many times those qualities are seen in our dogs every single day-- we're just so used to them that we pay no attention.

Jonathan Carroll

Our days, Miss D & mine ... together

our 14+ years worth of days are coming to an end - I'm quite sure of it. I bless her beautiful soul for rejoicing & bounding with grace & love into her 16th year and I relish in how lucky I am to have shared her company for such a very long time. But our days together, they are diminishing. I see it, I feel it, I resist it, yet I am grateful for it. I don't want to hold her back. I know how very lucky I have been to have this beautiful shaggalicious, odd, neurotic, fearful, crab killing, muskrat hunting, & extremely loving girl with me for 14 + years. Wow ! I watch her lurching gracefully into her 16th year. She, who's been with me for forever - it seems ... who's comforted me through so many near unbearable sadnesses. I love her, desperately. I cannot imagine life without her.

I love you Winnie Dixon with all my heart. Here's to our remaining days xoxo Susan
I love you & I promise I will not cling to you. & I will forever rejoice in all of our glorious days together. Always.


  1. Yes, getting ready to say good-bye...you try to be present for every moment and to take extra time just to cuddle. It is a hard time, bittersweet. XoS

  2. Is seems like it was only yesterday when I had to let go of my beloved dog Gracie. After 14 years I knew it was her time. The pain was and still is unbearable. Cherish every moment. Sending you strength from my tiny corner in Williamstown, Ontario.

  3. Dogs are wonderful animals, they are never 'just a dog', they are so much more.
    Winnie is so beautiful and I am so pleased that you have had such a wonderful life together and I hope it continues for as long as she is able.
    Our pets are great and trusted friends, my kitties have heard many sad stories, know when I am unwell and have been covered in many wet teardrops at times, so comforting to have such loving friends and companions such as Winnie.
    Love to all dear Susan
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Thinking of you and your sweet beautiful Winnie. I've been through it many times with my cats through the years. Painful Joy. Time just goes by so fast.

  5. Thanks all of you !

    Shammy so nice to hear from you, you're her fav crab-tolling partner in crime ;-)

    Shannon Ann & Linda thank you, it all comes down to timing - that's the hardest part. Not wanting to wait too long and at the same time wanting to keep her here every moment I can. Our vet is nearly 2 hours away and that becomes another concern.

    Doug (who used to mend sails in a past life) has sewn her a lovely harness carrying apparatus and we air lift her down the stairs several times a day. She manages to come up on her own with me hoisting her back end. I notice, especially when we're outside, she has such a far away look in her eyes - wistful, confused ... it's impossible to tell what she's thinking.

    + this freakin' winter, everywhere is still a glare of ice, all our backyard paths and the temperatures are still so cold on those little arthritic legs.

    Oliver has been fantastic. I've always said he's a Comfort Cat that's his main job (after Creative Director) he know's just the right moment to jump up on my desk for a cuddle and he sleeps curled up "on" me (just in case) as I lay wide awake these last few nights.

    Itty Bitty sends her love Dianne & much love to you also Galestorm.

    xoxoxoxo Susan, Miss D & les Gang

  6. You're getting ready..... It's so hard to say goodbye, but you'll hold her in your heart for ever.

    Returning home the other day, I was greeted by Flossie, and responded as usual - seconds later, I realised to my surprise that I had actually said, in tender tones, "Hello, Becky!"

    ....Becky was my son's childhood companion, a big, placid, loving and much-loved labrador, very special to us both. Long gone, but never forgotten.....

  7. The timing. I hate "the timing". I waited too long for my independent Bear, had no choice on my boy Jake. For Sarah, my heart, I think finally got the timing right. Hard, hard hard.

  8. As you know, I love my Trey and Wendy and those that came before them. In spite of the pain of the loss, I could never be dog-less. There is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by a dog.

    It is wonderful that you have prepared yourself -- the pity is that the vet is so far away.

    hugs ...


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