Monday, March 24, 2014

fresh snowfall yesterday morning / oh my geranium 1 / early morning in the back fenced in yard / I am handsome with a pink gerbera daisy - Oliver / dried hydrangea blossoms / we ♡ salads / I am handsome in a box - Oliver / rare dwarf Northern Serengeti ocelot the only one in captivity / Cavallini LOVE calendar / Virginia Creeper buds / our BIG black velvet chiclet atop his favourite windowsill pillow in my studio / one of my little daphne shrubs with yesterday's fresh snowfall

set your life on fire
seek those who fan your flames
Rumi (of course ;-)

I have so many thoughts about the is Rumi quotation  - I really want to give myself permission to abide by this rule

We're bracing for a wild & wintry, hopefully final, blast of winter on Wednesday. A nor'easter. Bring it on I say !


  1. I assume you are acquainted with Frankie MacDonald's charming and ENTHUSIASTIC weather warnings ... ;-)

  2. Gorgeous photos once again dear Susan.
    Winnie and Sam look happy in the snow covered back yard. I have never met a cat who didn't like a cardboard box, Oliver looks so cute and your rare dwarf ocelot is gorgeous in the sunny spot he has found. Your black velvet chiclet looks very comfy on his windowsill pillow, he is beautiful too.
    There has been some strange weather here, thunder storms, lightning, torrential rain and hail on Saturday and flash flooding from torrential rain yesterday. I hope the nor'easter is the last blast of Winter for you.
    Love to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Hope you get through the nor'easter ok. Hopefully after this one spring will really be on the way!


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