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Saturday, March 1, 2014

random botanicals discovered while organizing & archiving stuff on my brand new 4TB external hard drive - ya huh !!

Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.

Christina Scalise

yes you heard right ... I did say my brand new 4 TB external hard drive
it's tech talk with Susan the least techie person I know.

Last year I bought a new iMac. My old (6 years) huge iMac has been sitting on the other side of my studio like some handsome giant filing cabinet taking up space & loaded to the gills with stuff - over 20,000 photos (I know, sheepish grin, embarrassing), my entire iTunes library, lots & lots of important much valued high res art and way lots of unimportant stuff also. I contacted my own personal genius bar guy, my adored nephew Michael about getting an external hard drive so that I could (ideally - it is the plan) keep my computer completely free of files & art and use the hard drive as my server and constant back-up (which it is currently doing - comforting me with it's constant I'm saving your work hum). We (by we I mean Doug my other personal genius bar) will be moving the old huge beautiful iMac today into the chocolate brown nest bedroom where it will become the TV (netflix, iTunes, youtube) + audio book listening device. Hooray ! and I now have every digital thing important & unimportant on one device so now I can begin the mildly daunting (I'll admit) but necessary evil task of going through all of it, a little daily chunk at a time, organizing my entire work life into the lean, mean, spare efficient filing system that I have been dreaming of ... for forever.

It's costing me way too much inefficiency, wasted time & worst of all stress to not be organized to the hilt.
+ loads of new projects beginning Monday so I'll be saying sayonara to my stuckness. Another hooray ;-)

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