greens !

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a favourite tree in the back yard, not sure what kind but it has very rough bark / white lobelia in a pot on the front porch / Miss Sweetness Itty Bitty (she has a new red tartan collar with bell and jangly hot pink metal i.d. tag - we're hoping her jingling may save a bird or 2) / the Prince pulling Stinging Nettles out by the roots in our backyard paradise / the large smoke bush at the front door is in bloom and alive with bees / Miss Winnie Dixon enjoying her yard / lovely tiny white blossoms / I am crazy about the greens ... the shapes, the smells - this time of year is amazing / love the look on IBB's face, a slightly pissed look ;-) / looking up from my chair in the back fenced in yard / our homely old shed etc back garden ... a view from the second floor bathroom window / mock orange

greens ! I LOVE them ... especially with a side of Betty*

Always remember, 
your focus 
determines your reality
George Lucas

*that would be our dear Itty Bitty Betty who's actually becoming a bit of a chubette & not so itsy bitsy


  1. Beautiful images of your magical garden dear Susan, so many shapes of leaves and shades of green, such a soothing does look amazing.
    The Prince is almost hidden there by the amount of foliage.
    Lovely pics of Betty in her new collar, I think I can see Winnie and Sam there too.
    love and hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Love your garden/yard. Even the "gout weed / goat's beard". There are those that don't like it but I think it's so lush. Also like the cat on the roof. I envy you your wonderful large yard.


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