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Friday, July 11, 2014

David Austin - the Generous Gardner palest pink rose from the back garden / I love this old brick house / along the crescent beach at low tide / yellow blossoms ?? / looking up through leaves & berries / we love salads with dinner / more of that spectacular double mock orange with a little Itsy Bitsy garden helper / strawberries & cream, the new Vogue + my current fav Ecojot journal with one of my favourite quotes / uh huh !! a lobster sandwich with buttered grilled bread yummy / Winnie Dixon who turns 15.5 today in our backyard wee forest - sigh / Oliver CD of SBCEHQ* - he works so hard / from my front porch flowering pot of goodness

If you want something you've never had
you've got to do something you've never done
Pharrell Williams

I'm happier than I've felt in ages ... & it feels fantastic !! let's add this song to our magic mojo mix - Happy Friday !

* CD of SBCEHQ = Creative Director of Susan Black Creative Empire HeadQuarters ;-)


  1. I have The Generous Gardener too - so lovely. But if you don't have a Shropshire Lad, go get one right now!

  2. thanks Rachel !! kisses to the Team ! (you through me for a minute with your comment as I instantly thought you were referring to "the Handsome Gardner" ... you also have ;-)

  3. Happy birthday to that sweet gal, Miss Winnie. May the next year be one of comforts and love.

  4. 15 1/2 is a cause for great celebration !

  5. Yellow blossoms are sundrops, dear Susan, a type of primrose. I used to have some in my garden but not now, and I had forgotten about them until I saw your photo. Mine was a type that grows close to the ground.

    That toasted lobster sandwich looks too good.

    Give Winnie a half-birthday hug for me.

  6. Winnie D excepts, with lots of LOVE, all 1/2 birthday well wishes xoxo from her Dearest, pretty darn spry self

    & yes John these sundrop primrose are in full sun, growing low to the ground, in a garden near the crescent beach.

    + Rachel from my above comment should read "You threw me" not "you through me" - eye roll & snort - typing faster than my brain will go, a dangerous thing.

  7. Wonderful images dear Susan, David Austen roses are so lovely, I love your old brick house and garden, your garden helper Itty Bitty Betty looks so sweet amongst the foliage, Winnie looks so happy in the garden, love the photo of Oliver your creative director relaxing on his cushion with the great view from the window and I also love Pharrell William's song, it does make you feel happy.
    love to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. Oh Happy, happy half birthday dear Winnie! Celebrate Good Times! Oenothera or Evening Primrose is blooming in my garden right now, too! The variety I have is upright around 12-14 inches tall. Originally from my mother' sugar den, it has moved with me to each of my homes. That and Monarda (Bee Balm) were two of my very first ventures into gardening...both quite sturdy and forgiving of my lack of experience!

  9. Oh my heavens! Autocorrect on my iPad is having fun at my expense!!!!! The Evening Primrose came from my mother's GARDEN! Tee hee! (I wonder what Mom kept in her sugar den...)

  10. Hi KB & gang - that auto-correct - erggghhh ! I can no longer throw in the odd fancais word because it corrects them of me, I'm sure there's a way to turn it OFF - I must find that. Happy summer Weekend & we'll chat again soon xoxo Susan, Winnie + gang


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