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Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Queen Anne's Lace season - oh my the incredible fields of beauty, beauty, beauty 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. 
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. Rumi

Yesterday, early in the morning I rescued a dog. As Winnie I walked along the boardwalk I could see a dog, a senior dog walking along the beach on the other side of the harbour. No cars & no people in sight. Instinctively you know when something about the picture your viewing is not right, the dog seemed weak & wobbly. I asked the Prince to drive me over to the other side because in some ways I am  so Captain Courageous and in other ways I am the biggest Chicken you'll ever meet - I struggle near daily with these opposing factions bickering and fighting in my head. But strength in numbers, I decided + my dear Prince Doug is truly fearless. 

I took a leash & food with me. The dog was walking back and forth along the waters's edge, Doug stayed back in the shadows as I approached the very scared & very weak senior dog. It took a long time before I was able to lasso my leash around him. He was wearing a collar so tight, & obviously on him so long that it had begun growing into his skin, a cheap scratchy nylon rope wrapped around the collar many times appeared to be the manner which he had been tied somewhere? Approaching a dog like this is tricky business and although I do have several merit badges of Courage (which I wear proudly) I also am very timid and cautious. I didn't want to be bitten, I admittedly was a little afraid. But ya do what ya gotta do in these situations. Gradually, gradually he and I walked back and forth up and down this long stretch of beach together, he between the water's edge and me,  he always keeping himself just out of reach but finally after about 20-30 mins he gave up, he turned and looked straight at me as if to say OK - I'm tired, I'm thirsty & I want to trust you. He knew his options were limited. Bless him, dear, sweet, tired old dog.

I lassoed the leash around his neck and we walked slowly up the grassy meadow like hill and he had a big, long drink of fresh water. Meanwhile the Prince went to retrieve the only person I knew of who could help me and who would take the dog - Jane Jorgenson of Paws by Wallace Bay a Saint - a kennel, grooming spot and all round animal haven place. I often refer to she and her husband Gordon as Dr. & Mrs. DoLittle. While Doug was gone Buster (or Boo) I couldn't decide which name best suited him, he & I layed in the sunshine in the grass & clover with blue sky & puffy clouds above us and it felt perfect, he even snored snoozing a bit while we waited for our rescue chariot to return I felt so happy, proud, relieved &it felt like such pure LOVE, like the only really true LOVE there is. I patted his head and stroked that place on a dog's forehead between their eye's and down their nose that they all seem to love. I spoke to him gently and told him he was safe with me. I told him I loved him - which was very true. We delivered him with Jane's help to his new, perhaps temporary home where he will experience love & affection, food & water, comfort, cuddles in ways I suspect he has never known.

The funny thing about saving one dog is that that one wonderful event cancels out at least temporarily 10-12 awful bad dog situations you're aware of but in the end you (I) feel haunted by the way that dog's life was and the knowledge that he's just one lucky guy & there are 100's, 1000's who suffer unnecessary & unspeakable cruelty.  I am disgusted, furious, disillusioned & depressed by what humans do to animals. By writing this post I'm not expecting accolades, clapping, cheering ... please. I could not stop myself from doing what I did - no matter what the outcome - I had to try & help.

What I want is for everyone reading this to remember ... to not walk away from something, a situation like this one, do not say to yourself "oh well, there's nothing I can do". Instead put your BIG girl pants on (or big boy pants - for John ;-), gather a friend an ally, a partner in animal rescue crime ... and try to help/save even one animal. 

As we drove to Jane's Paws by Wallace Bay sanctuary, me in the back with sweet old Boo or Buster, the look in that dogs eyes I will never forget, I felt like a freakin' super hero & that felt indescribably amazing.

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. Rumi


  1. Well, I think you are very brave. You are an experienced dog owner and that makes a difference. It is so sad for an animal to be treated like that or worse. Why anyone would want a dog and then keep them tied or chained up is beyond my comprehension! I have faith that there is a special place in hell for humans that abuse animals and children.

  2. Paws up for you All! Sounds like a happy ending is on the way, keep us updated. Tail wags ~moose

  3. Sadly it is very likely that this dog will be euthanized. I spoke with Jane this morning and though he had been drinking water he has not eaten yet. He's very thin ... she did say that he was quite interested in having as many snuggles & loving as she had time to give him.

    You are so right Galestorm I hope also that there is that special place in hell ... for all of those redneck ignorant assholes.

  4. Totally on the same page with you on this issue, Susan. I don't look for situations like this but when I see them, I cannot turn away. I'm sure that poor dog sensed he was with a good person and safe.

  5. I don't have as much experience with dogs, but our little cat, who arrived as a stray nearly two years ago, was, for a long time, frightened of anyone wearing boots or noisy shoes, even wellingtons. It made me so cross to think that something had made her like this. She was so tiny when she turned up on our doorstep, but she now calmly watches me put on my wellies before going down to the garden, and I can see her little brain think "It's OK. It's Her. I'm quite safe now."

  6. I think you are very brave dear Susan and so good that you have your Prince Doug to help you.
    It makes me both sad and angry that some people can treat animals in such a despicable way,it is beyond my comprehension that they have no regard for their feelings and to keep them tied or chained up.
    He either escaped from his awful situation or had out grown his usefulness to these cruel morons and was abandoned. He had a small amount of freedom and some affection as he lay in the sunshine with you, some kindness which he more than likely had never known. You have rescued him from wandering around and starving to death and if he is euthanized at least he won't be suffering any more.
    Bless you both. I have never walked away from any animal or person who needed my help.
    Love to you and Doug.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Pardon my language but, FUCK ! FUCK ! FUCK !

    How about putting an image of the dog in the local paper and asking folk if they recognize it so the bastard owner can be found.

    You did good Susan -- but out there is a very, very BAD human. BAAAAD HUMAN !

  8. In the end, whatever happens to him, he will go on having experienced true love and connection from amazing human angels such as yourself and your crew. And that may be what this all was for, so he could go on to the next level with proper love and care under his collar(so to speak). After all there is a reason the Divine put you on the path to find him, don't you think? There's a reason for all of it. Take heart knowing you did make a big difference for that old boy if inly fir a moment.

  9. Be grateful for whoever comes,
    because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

    Thank you Dalyce for your beautiful, perfectly expressed comment & thank you to everyone else who took the time to say ... Fuck !! to cry out !! to scream !! to want to hurt another human being. Sadly especially in rural "anywhere" these people are a dime a dozen. You can't stop them, it's an endless flood of invisible ignorance& inhumanity - they treat their children no better ... all you can do is steal their cats, dogs, horses, bunnies ....

    There are no coincidences in life - I know, with certainty that I was meant to walk on our harbour side boardwalk with Miss D at that exact moment in time, & to be the friggin' Hawkeye that I am, to notice everything & the picture I saw across the harbour of a solitary, obviously senior perhaps in distress, would not, could not get by me - like another of the zillions of fleeting images we have every day - this one shouted at me.

    I still have no news on Buster Boo's vet report but I know he is being loved & cared for by dear Saint Jane in a way that he has likely never, ever experienced.

    Thank you ! thank you ! this whole experience all though in so many ways is something to rejoice and to feel good about - I did save him, even if for awhile ... but the experience has left my super powers super depleted.

    love you all !! xoxo Susan + gang

  10. Thank YOU for being who you are.


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