summer x 16

Friday, July 4, 2014

the peonies are in bloom (tiny painting of Winnie by Ande Cook & photo of Jake by me) / I always build my salads in the bowl, first I make the dressing, than I add onions, asparagus, carrots, peas, cucumber ... / Cavallini calendar butterfly / I LOVE breakfast - high fibre toast, veggie & cheese frittata + an orange / oriental poppies / rhododendron / wild daisies / it's strawberry season on Nova Scotia ! / on the beach each early morning for my exercise & walking meditation / not sure what this shrub is ? Dianne ? Rachel ? I love it;s bubbly shaped pale pink blossoms / salad building mixed greens & tomatoes / Betty loves to help (?) me garden / oh my peony / summertime desk & drawing peonies in my new nature journal / strawberry shortcake minus the shortcake / more gorgeous peonies


  1. Batten down the hatches ! Hope you're all ready for tomorrow kiddo !

  2. You too Sweet Sybil kisses to dem doggies (+cats)

  3. Wonderful images of healthy food (now I am hungry), love the photo of Betty helping, the miniature of Winnie and photo of Jake. Beautiful calendar and flowers, sorry I am not sure about that pretty flower though it looks familiar.
    Happy weekend!
    love to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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