maple leaf crazy

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's Canada Day & the annual Gathering of the Clans festival here in Pugwash, Nouvelle Ecosse (New Scotland). The sounds of bagpipes playing wafting in my open studio windows as I type this, the highland dancing competition currently happening on the main stage, Scottish games (men in kilts heaving large objects great distances), the smells of cotton candy, hot dogs grilling & french fries, pipe & drum marching bands, lobster dinners & lobster rolls, kilts, kilts & lots of tartan, rides, music & fireworks and it all happens in Eaton Park, the park that hugs our narrow little harbour, the park 100 steps from our front door. I hear the sounds of firetruck sirens which means the parade has begun ... here comes the marching bands (my fav) !!

It's funny, we Canadians have a reputation of being lots of things - overly polite, a little on the meek side, huge hockey enthusiasts, constant weather gripers (it's too cold, too humid, too hot, too rainy, too snowy, too slushy ... it's always too something), we're always happy to not be American, we have fantastic healthcare, religion & politics are two distinctly different things, we're liberal, we're left of centre, we're sometimes thought of as radical, crazy socialist, parka wearing fishermen :-) but one thing we seldom are is  ... overly patriotic. Except for today, our country's birthday, today we're proud ! July 1st we go a little flag mad, today we bring out our red & white & all our little red maple leaf craziness.

The last photo was taken last night from my second floor studio windows as the sun was setting - if you look dead centre you'll see a Canadian flag flapping that's Eaton Park and the harbour beyond, it looks like the tide was going out. The park where Miss Winnie Dixon and I walk along the boardwalk each morning. You'll also notice in this photo one of the edges of our huge double lot property newly mowed by the Prince of All Good Things + my wee veggie & cutting garden ;-)

6 is the famous Cyrus Eaton/Thinker's Lodge home to the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize - Pugwash World Famous for Peace

Happy Canada Day !


  1. Happy Canada Day to you and the gang. I would love to hear me some bagpipes and watch men in kilts heaving large objects great distances!

    The maple leaf forever!

  2. Oh Happy Canada Day to All!
    Lobster rolls = love + weakness
    Tail wags•moose

  3. Hmmm, a lobster dancing in a quilt... That might be going a bit too far!

    Happy Canada Day! I hope you have time to indulge in the festivities and a hot dog or two!

  4. Happy Canada Day! Oh how I love men in skirts!! I am with you on the pipe and drum bands. I have a cd I play in the car a lot when I am out and about. When I die all I want is a lone piper to send me on my way. Fireworks are pretty, but I hate the noise too. They will be fired up around here come the 4th. Hope you and the gang survive the day!

  5. Och aye, Happy Canada Day to you too, lassie......

  6. Happy Canada Day dear Susan and gang, how exciting to celebrate this way.
    I love bagpipes and marching bands.
    Big hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Hey Blue Heron Happy Canada Day to a fellow Canuck & to Denise an Honorary Canuck or perhaps you really are Canadian but flying under the Colorado radar + John, oh yes ! lobsters in kilts playing bagpipes sailing while waving the Canadian flag(s) - ;-)

    Truthfully ... because of our close proximity to the madness it is a day "to get through" - no cats allowed outside (too many parked cars) Itty Bitty is pissed, Bleet confused & O & V don't understand what the fuss is all about. Don't get me started on fireworks (BOO !) they terrify most animals + pollution, I hate them ... how's that from the cranky anti-summer festival gal ;-) But that said ... I'm off to volunteer 2 hours at one of the official entrance gates conveniently located directly across the street from 29 Black.

    Happy July 4th to all our USA buddies!

  8. It's 3:35 my shift volunteering is from 4-6pm. Just now a large pipe & drum marching band is playing 100 steps from 29 Black St. There is nothing more stirring then the sound of that - I have Scottish heritage on both sides - so the love of the bagpipes must be in my genes.

  9. Pugwash is starting to look more like where I want to be all the time !


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