nearing the ending

Saturday, July 26, 2014

3 of my favourites, 2 favourite art pieces of mine + Oliver snoozing on the bathroom counter / wild blue daisy - chickory near the water / the view from my studio office chair - we love hummingbirds / that 3.99 Walmart mini rose is not so mini anymore / wild & tangled / rudbeckia ? / Miss D in the front garden - I love this house / more seaside wildflowers / & more orange roses / phlox / NessieNess loves this time of year / still life with audio books (all from the library) / crazy about the miniature forests of moss & lichen / where we left off last - not-so-brave / not sure what these sweet white blooms are / this photo shows where we live - look closely centre-ish of photo - that's our front ocean facing yard / & the above photo taken from this boardwalk exactly 139 steps from our front door 

All transitions are composed of an ending, a neutral zone and a new beginning William Bridges

I used to have a copy of William Bridges well known & much loved book Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes - I bought it years ago way before I met Doug and was in the process, by necessity, of getting ready to leave/sell 29 Black Street. Even though I'm in a much different & much better place now and the leaving is by choice & desire not by necessity I'm still finding the transition difficult. The end(ing) feels like it's just begun even though I've been planning this move, & knowing about for ages. It's become a reality and not just a fun dreamy topic of conversation.

I am nearing the ending, feeling the grief, sadness & worry, worry that I'll have regrets and at the same feeling quite confident that in the end I won't - I've been planning this move for a very long time. I'm ready, so ready to welcome the neutral zone + I'm almost there & then !! what's more exciting than a brand new beginning.

I'm ordering a new copy of this book today. Happy Weekend to all ;-)


  1. I would love to have a place that was a bit rural. Maybe an acre or two. House size is not a concern, but I want to be near a larger centre. So here I am in the Passage and I cannot afford an acreage near Halifax. I feel those butterflies stirring my tummy. My list would include:
    Musquoboit Harbour (coz it's only 20 min from Hfx)
    Windsor area
    Annapolis Royal
    Complicating factor is that my daughter lives with me and would need to find work (as a Dog Groomer) ...

    I look forward to hearing where you end up.

    How're you going to decide ?

  2. Well, you certainly live in a beautiful location and in a beautiful house made even more beautiful by the Prince's handiwork. A lot of amazingly good things have happened to you while you've lived in your current home.

    But that sense of home comes from >you< and travels with you. Your next home will eventually become Susan Black-ified once you arrive and do your thing. In other words, you have a lot to do with making (and recognizing) the beauty where you live. I'm sure there are several communities and houses out there that could benefit from your special touch.

    All that said, I get very sentimental when making a big transition. I've always been that way. It's just my personality to firmly attach and have trouble when the time comes to unattach. I think you and I are a lot alike on that.


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