back to normal (?)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my desk

Back to normal (?)...after our 2 hours at the beach yesterday morning 6:45-9:00am I had a great breakfast of soft boiled eggs and homemade white toast (perfect for dipping in buttery egg), organized my desk and Florence files (Florence is the working title of my tabletop collection), mixed up new paint, made a list of the remaining pieces to paint:

1. pitcher (plus wrap)
2. salt and pepper
3. vase
4. pate knife/spreader
5. tidbit plates & server
6. votive candleholder
7. square casserole
8. rect. casserole
9. large serving bowl
10. small round serving platter
11. divided server with handle

light table out and traced several pieces onto water colour paper using my .03mm HB mechanical pencil, then I erase almost all the lines so I can just see, barely, the pencil marks and...paint away, merrily, all the while listening to CBC radio 1. A near perfect day. 3pm got a phone call from Val (my main customer now for over 5 years with another potentially big project - meaning a month or 2's worth of bill paying). Phew! and I had just started to wake at 2am and lie there wondering & worrying about where that next pay cheque was coming from. The trials and tribulations of the self-employed designer. One thing that I have learned in these past six years (although I do need remind myself from time to time) is that - you can never know what's just around the next corner (my fantastic adventure to China & LA a perfect example).

My little slump, thankfully, seems to be over. I'm back to my normal (?).

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