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Friday, August 24, 2007

my new inspirational fabric arrived from cheap threads @

I was up with my coffee at 4 am this morning. I woke up at 3:49 or something like that and just thought I'm awake – put the coffee on. Let Bleet outside. Lulu & Bleet are outside cats and my two new babies Ver & Gussie are inside cats, due I think, to the increased worry and paranoia that comes with being older & wiser, that combined with the realization that they do have a very rich, active life inside 29 Black Street- no need for them to be out there cruising with the alley cats, raccoons and occasional fox. Fed the kittens, and poured my first cup of java to take back up to bed which is my usual every morning coffee-in-bed practice. The best before date on the carton of milk that I opened was Sept. 1 and I am feeling that bittersweet feeling that late August always seems to bring. The air each early morning has a noticeable chill and the smell of fall is definitely in the air.

It's been one of those weeks where suddenly it's Friday and it seems that I haven't accomplished much. I have pages of thumbnail drawings out there with a client waiting to hear back for the nod to go ahead to finished drawings. Was asked by the new tabletop collection company to pause with my final art, for a week or two, as they're still trying to nail down the production factory in China and I've worked extra hours at my part-time retail job. But somehow it just feels like a somewhat wasted week which I realize is a crazy way to be thinking and a habit I have that needs to fall by the wayside. This feeling reminds me of how I long for the day when I finally put an end to judging or rating days, weeks & months by the number of things that I've accomplished. Or what's probably easier for me to do is to remind myself that making a batch of homemade dog cookies, lying on my bed perusing a stack of fat September magazines, making potato salad with new potatoes and fresh dill from Harry's garden to eat with crisp newly picked cukes and strolling down the grass lane again at 5pm with my best friends, Winnie & Jake... are all worthy accomplishments – that need to be counted.

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