summer days

Thursday, August 30, 2007

summer in a glass - Crystal Light ice tea, it's fast, easy and sugar free

This is the last week of August and true, full blown, summer days are fast coming to an end. Because this is a seasonal village - the population doubles or triples in the summers' with all the cottage folk, the village is a buzz in summer. No parking spots at the local grocery store, Mercedes, Jags & BMW convertibles zip around town, and so many people walking around that you don't recognize. I suppose it's good for the economy - you say that out loud because you feel like it's the proper thing to say, but most of us full-timers or "locals" are always happy to have our sleepy little village back. This has been a glorious last week of August, hot & sunny every day, and yesterday a strong, warm breeze off the ocean just made you want to loll about in a hammock drinking ice tea.

It was one of those lots-of-loose-ends-to-tidy-up kind of days yesterday. Popped into see my neighbour
Jean , still no real change in her husbands' condition, had a lunch date, sent out more resume/bio PDFs & portfolio samples, and worked on my web site design. Have decided, it's finally time, overdue actually, but my portfolio is just too big and too varied now - to not have a web site. Hope to have that up and running by mid September. Mowed the lawn - a job I detest but as I pushed the little rubber knob 10 times to prime the motor I reminded myself that attitude is everything (normally I hate platitudes). If I continue to fuss & fume internally about how I hate to mow the lawn - well, I'm certainly not making it a more pleasant task. So I did mow, and had a bit of a lighter step, due to a slight attitude adjustment, as I pushed and pulled, that roaring, spewing, hunk of red metal around my yard. The house from the street always looks so great after the lawn is mowed - instant gratification.

Later, as we drove back to town along the shore road from our supper time beach walk, with all the car windows down, Winnie Dixon leaning on the door with her head and snout pointed into the wind, Jake sprawled out on the back seat, me with my arm draped casually out the window singing along with Gwen Stephani on the local radio station and the breeze whipping through the car - I thought this feels like pure summer - this moment right now.

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