Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ver with muckboots & cat toy

This photograph reminds me that photography is so much about the light. A photo of my sweet cat Ver (Oliver) sitting on a very worn $6.99 Home Hardware mat, my beloved Muckboots and crappy kitchen floors and kinda crappy red walls. But the light ... is beautiful and thankfully causes one to see things in a brand new way.

Don't you love the colour red? It's been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. The plan, however, (item # 213 on the ever growing list of things to do around the house & garden) is to change these red walls to a shiny enamel off-white (perhaps Morning Light or Seaside Resort). My current latest (or is it latest current) paint plans for the kitchen – and those plans always seem to change and unfortunately they most often change after I've painted to the new (must-be) colour. The reasoning behind painting my entire house in a white/off-white (Cottontail, Harrington Beige, Cloud White...
) colour scheme is with the hopes that my constant new favourite wall colour thing will be curbed and I can use accessories to fulfill that impulse for certain new colour trends. Makes sense? Benjamin Moore and Pottery Barn have collaborated– and Oh! they make the colours & even the almost absence of colours look SO good. This latest, and hopefully lasting thing is – I want that airy, light, white, shabby chic, cottage feel. In fact, when I get down in the dumps about my crappy floors, mismatched or completely absent baseboards and such – I tell myself "well, I live in a big ol' brick cottage on Black's a cottage ... not a house" and somehow I feel better.

Just glanced out my window and the sky has turned that pastel rainbow of early morning colours. Almost a pale violet at the horizon, to pale peachy orange, to yellow, & a soft greenish and then the soft blue of an early morning sky.


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