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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Miss Winnie Dixon relaxing on the grassy hill ...

The grassy hill that overlooks the harbour, is a spot that Miss D and I sit each night and lately, just after we've had a lovely long dip in the ocean. Around 6pm we leave this old brick house to go for our regular walk, but these last few days I put my bathing suit on and I carry our beach bag with us. After we've walked through the park and up onto the grassy hill, we climb down and over a few big rocks and onto the small curve of sandy beach that has become our secret little cove. We wade around in water as warm as a bath, so warm these past few days it's barely refreshing at all. We've been having a heat wave, it's been hot and humid, sunny and blue skies day after day. It's summer's best - August is - always.

We walk out into the water on bars of red sand, just deep enough that I can float and Winnie can easily touch . The water is crystal clear and the bottom like a freeway for hermit crabs, they're everywhere - zooming around, some teeny tiny, and others just plain small racing around in their little mobile homes. We're always very careful where we step. After we've lolled around in the warm salt water for a good while we climb back up the rocks and out of our secret private place and up onto the green grassy hill, just near the giant poplar trees who's leaves constant rustling sounds like music to me. The hill that's edged with wildflowers of every kind and those wildflowers are filled with insects ... of every kind.

Another magical place we love to be. Last night there was a warm breeze blowing in from the harbour and Winn and I stayed a long time, drying in the sun and the wind on our grassy hill, watching the boats come and go and chatting away.
I love her.

yup, you guessed it - a video clip of our grassy hill

the grassy hill from susan black on Vimeo.


  1. Winnie is so ready for....something. She certainly looks content after your float. Can't wait to hear the blue herons.

  2. It sounds magical indeed... I love just floating in the water, too.

  3. The way you just described that spot and the content look on Winnie's face make me want to drop everything and run to that spot now! What a great way to spend an evening with a good friend!

  4. Here's to secret, magical places! :)

  5. Susan - maybe, just maybe, you were a dog in your last life. :) I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to visit and read about your home. xo Pam

  6. What nice relaxing photos Winnie. We like the wind brushing against your cute face
    Benny & Lily

  7. She does look especially relaxed in these photos ... doesn't she ?

    She "is" my girl that's for sure.

  8. I love to see a smiling Winnie!!

    Drat. I can't get the videos to work!! I'll try on a different computer!

    XXOOOX to all!

  9. How could you NOT love a furry girl like Winnie with that gorgeous face?! Even with all my brood down here, I am in high love with Miss Winnie Dixon! I love your posts!

  10. I love your grassy hill. How amazing the blog world is: to be able to see someone's nice furry dog and nice grassy hill.

    Just popping over from Slow Lane Life to say that yes, the island of Mull and the Mull of Kintyre are two separate places. Both beautiful, though.

  11. OH!!!
    Miss WD is juz so sportive and playful with all that surrounds her..:)
    Yeah, this is indeed a magical fantasy...beautiful!!
    Lucky you...:) Each time, you describe your region and landscape, I hope to come there some day..
    Hope my dream comes true..:)

  12. The only thing is, you should have said something in the video loud enough for us to hear so we could hear your cool Canadian accent! :)

  13. That Miss D is such a poised lady!
    Her manners are impeccable! xoxo

  14. mmmm ... hello ! I'm working up to speaking to you. You know how shocking it is to hear your own voice on tape. I have a little girl's voice and I always think when I hear it - who is that ?? :-)

  15. You mean you don't sound like Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh?

  16. I simply LOVE Miss Winnie's purse - very stylish!

  17. What a lovely spot to contemplate the day:)


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