big love

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

crows along the harbour's edge last night

We are put on earth for a little space,
that we may learn to bear the beams of love

William Blake

After the boy's left around 3pm, I worked a two hour fill-in shift at the little gift & decor store, back home again at 5pm to mad, mad kisses and sweet spins from Miss D who acts like I've been gone for days. I look at her and say Hey ! Missy D, do ya? (her most favourite words) and she always answers me Yes !! (no matter what I ask). I grabbed my camera and out we went into the calm, still air, as warm as the tropics and we walked along our evening path on our way to the crescent shaped beach. The harbour last night, again like glass and filled with birds.

I had a perfect visit with Michael & Jordan. For breakfast I fed them Belgian waffles with warm maple syrup and stacks of thick cut bacon. Michael's always been my own personal apple genuis bar, whenever he visits he fixes up things on my computer - this time on my big beautiful imac - things that have been bugging me for ages. He seems to know everything. We do keep in touch very regularly by phone, ichat or skype but it was so nice to have him here, sitting in this old brick house. And we talked and we talked and talked and I kept looking at Michael concentrating, taking him in - this grown up young man who I don't see often, trying to savour all the little bit's and pieces of him to tuck away and save for those times ahead when I won't see him for long stretches of time. I love him so much, and it's that kind of love that feels so big that it might just burst right out of you.
I wonder sometimes how parents can survive such a big love.

I'm so happy that he stopped to visit with us.


  1. And how wonderful for Michael to be so loved......

  2. Susan....I can just see Miss D spinning with joy at your return!!
    xoxo to you and the gang!So glad your Micheal came to visit! :)

  3. Glad to hear you had such a nice visit with the guys. I know what you mean about the big love. It is known to make me burst into random tears.

  4. Some people hold the most special of places in our lives, and just a visit adds more stardust.How wonderful for him that he is a person who brings light and laughter with him and holds a mirror whereby you can see how shiny you are!!

  5. That big love is awesome. I just felt that same thing when my oldest came sauntering in the door last time. I looked at him and remembered that curly-headed toddler and awkward pre-teen, who is now a handsome and confident (and funny) young man. It does make you want to burst into tears, but not from sadness exactly, just a bittersweet burst mixed with a whole lotta love. :) So glad you got some face time with him! Please give Miss D a hug from me. xox Pam

  6. That's exactly it willow & yoborobo - I did and still do want to burst into tears and they're not tears of sadness they're big fat tears of love - because my heart feels so full and overflowing.

  7. Susan, it has been my experience with you that when YOU love, that is the only way you love! And it is a beautiful thing!

  8. Belgian waffles with warm maple syrup and stacks of thick cut are an awesome Auntie! Glad you had such a wonderful visit.

  9. Sounds like you had a very nice visit. And what an aunt you are!

  10. I loved William Blake's those lines..maybe that's why I like poetry so much..The old materpieces are still so fresh in thought and feel...**sigh..

    Nice pictures there...beautiful!! what time in the night is it???

    Mike's blog is awesome..will keep following it now, like I do yours..:) WOW! Waffles..yummy..missed them..:(

    Aww...I got to the end of the post and felt touched...! Lucky Mike to have you and a wonderful soul are you to be loved..
    Keep writing..:)

  11. That;s so great you have a nephew who is so close and vice versa.


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