Monday, August 3, 2009

the sun's just barely up and the harbour's still as glass

more slices of our weekend

The tall ships were getting ready to leave on the tide Sunday just when Miss D and I were out for our early morning walk - no throngs of people or would be kidnappers, just a few onlookers here and there and we were able to walk our normal route. The route that begins down at the boat launch a stone's throw across from the corner of the large cement wharf. Where in summer on hot sultry days young boys (mostly) plunge off of into deep water, shrieking with joy and I often wonder Could I plunge too ? Then we follow the gravel path in the park that edges the harbour, past the temporary beer tent and the portable toilets set up behind the stage to the end of the path. We walk underneath the big old poplar trees bathed in the beautiful orange gold early morning sun, and we stop always to listen to the sound of their leaves rustling in the breeze, a sound I love so much it almost makes me cry. We accidently interrupt a breakfast gathering of gulls, chattering away on the rocks at the edge of the water. Finally we head on over to the big green lawn where we'll sit awhile on the damp dewy grass - it's our perfect and favourite spot to watch the harbour's comings and goings and this early morning ... it's goings.

Fair Jeanne,
The Pride of Baltimore and the Picton Castle all leaving our harbour


  1. Beautiful. In every way. I wish I'd been there.

  2. You describe such a perfect morning. Thank you! And thanks for the photograph of Winnie!! Oh, you should frame that one with the smile!

    Wishing you a lovely Monday...if Monday's can ever be lovely!

  3. Now that's the way to start the morning girls! XOXO

  4. Perfect morning start:) I love the raked masts on the Pride of Baltimore.
    Adorable doggie portraits:)

  5. WHOOOHOOOOO!!!! Let's hear it for the Pride of Baltimore. Did you sneak aboard to borrow a cup of Old Bay? BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

  6. I did think of you B. Shamu knowing that Baltimore is your former stomping ground - "and" a lovely city it is and with a tres wonderful aquarium which I have happily visited on several ocassions.

    The young & cool crew were off doing somethin' and we were unable to board Les Pride that boarding day but she was very beautiful to admire up close and I too loved the rake masts (Alice) but did not know that term or the reason that they slant like that ... and you can trust ... I was wondering.

    Now I've googled "rake masts" will wonder no more and can sleep again. Merci Alice. Wink.

  7. Winnie is grinning from ear to ear. She does love those walks, doesn't she? :) Thanks for taking us along! xox Pam

  8. Such a beautiful post! Goodness! But I do love that Winnie girl's face!!! What a precious creature!
    Oh, Susan....you all live in another world! It takes my breath away. Love the gorgeous photos!
    Here's a Monday morning hug to all of you! Just got to see Sunday's post this morning as well...now I am DEFINITELY in no mood to WORK!

  9. You take great pix, Susan. i keep scrolling back to the July 31st one...I wish I took that pic, I would do a painting of it asap!
    Nice work.

  10. WOW! thank you soooo much, Susan. wow
    I will do a blog entry on it's progress. i have something else I have to finish first and then a portrait for someone, but I will do that painting!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. you got some great shots of the tall ships..... and how beautiful the still water is....

    the fire smoke is thicker here today... the forestry did a huge backburn yesterday in an attempt to stop the raging fire towards Kelowna.... nothing is helping... 1100 more people are evacuating today.... the roads are packed with stupid lookie-loos.... the police and firefighters are on overload..... I'll be happy to head home tomorrow.... to wild summer storms from what I see on the news of Calgary.... lucky you .. peaceful ocean........ smiling furry friend......

  12. Miss D looks so peaceful in the early morning sun.

    And yes, yes you could do the jump off the deep end of the warf. A few years back I *somehow* got convinced to jump off a small bridge while on a canoe trip ~ oh how scary it was ~ but I did it and it made me feel great - terrified but great.

  13. Hi. What a lovely blog - with beautiful photos.
    I thought you might be interested to know that my husband and I spent many happy hours, during our 'getting-to'know-you' phase, at Picton Castle & gardens (the real castle, not the boat).
    It's more of a fortified manor really, in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. There is a web-site, pictoncastle.co.uk if you are interested.
    Had a quick look at the 4sale too. Looking forward to seeing the inside photos.


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