summer's checklist

Saturday, August 22, 2009

uh huh ! fried clams, a couple of scallops and a shrimp

my doggy bag, or my doggy take out container.

I live by the ocean, in the land of seafood, the land of fish & chips and fried clams and lobster rolls. Each year I have a little summer to-do list in my head and much of it has to do with food. Seasonal summer food.

eat at least 1 lobster roll - check
put my bathing suit on and go into the water at least 3 times - check
eat fried clams at least once - check
spark up the little red charcoal grill a few times - check
make strawberry shortcake at least once - check
buy a flat of blueberries (freeze some, eat some)
wear a hat, sunglasses and SPF 30+ when out in the noon day sun - check
cherries, cherries, cherries - check
buy a least one basket of peaches- slice, think of Jake and eat like candy
make this fruit chili sauce - thanks A - the world's best condiment !

Yesterday I had lunch out with a friend and we went to one of the few (and seasonal) restaurants we have in and around this little village. This particular restaurant is most famous for it's unwavering consistency and menu of tried and true standbys- the club house sandwich (platter), the hot turkey sandwich, lobster rolls, fish and chips, fat fried Five Islands clams and breaded Digby scallops. I'd been thinking about and craving fried clams and I knew if I was going to scratch that item off of my list, yesterday would be the day. Well I did something crazy, something wildly extravagant - something frugal girl (who would normally order the homemade turkey soup at this particular restaurant) would never do - I ordered the seafood platter, no fries a heap of coleslaw instead - 1 piece of battered haddock, a handful of breaded scallops, another of breaded shrimp and a mound of lightly battered, crispy whole fried clams - a few wedges of lemon and a small vat of tartar sauce. It was heavenly - I think the only way it could have been better, more delicious, was if it was eaten from a take out cardboard box, with a little wooden fork sitting at a picnic table beside the sea. Like I've done at this favourite place.

I'm working on another project very similar to this one here at the TTD*
I've just begun watching Mad Men - oh my, goodness that Don Draper - swoon
Bill's on his way and due to arrive sometime tomorrow track him here.
I've only recently discovered 30 Rock (way behind the times) Alec B you Rock !

to my Aunt Sally I wish I could Fed Ex you a platter of crispy hot Five Islands fried clams as I know this post will be tough for you to read far away in inland Canada. My, my ... there is a lot O' crashin' and bangin' and squealin' and peelin' sounds coming from the first floor - kitten parkour anyone ?

* teak topped desk


  1. Add me to your fax list, please. That all sounds delicious! You are a chef, did you know that? :) xox Pam

  2. Love the idea, Susan...I need a fun checklist for every season...are we still in summer? We start school here in my mind has changed the time to autumn...hum...maybe I could slip in a bit more of summer? And I forgot the sunscreen this morning when I was doing some yard work. Oh no...

  3. The Big Giant Head says Build at Least One Sandcastle with seaglass windows.

    The Big Giant Head is now drooling and totally changed his plans to eat at the local New Orleans style restaurant for a big pile of fried things.

    The Big Giant Head thanks you. That is all.

  4. I'm afraid Missy D would say a big ol' Sigh to sandcastle building - way too much sittin' around for her liking but a great summer checklist idea none the less. Her every wish is my command. Enjoy your fried things.

  5. i've missed your blog! my busy, hectic life has gotten in the way of blog reading lately! ahhh, it feels wonderful to be back here reading about your life in that sweet little seaside village!

    hugs to you and the gang!

  6. Jake liked peaches.
    Edward likes honeydew melon.
    Apple? Watermelon.

    Happy Saturday Susan!!

  7. Susan, I wish you would write a looong book! Why not?

  8. That's very sweet Martha - but I think my long book would have to be written in little early morning segments - it's really the only time of day I really feel like writing just seems to flow out of me at 5 something am. xo S.

  9. Mom said to hide in case a hurricane comes
    Benny & Lily

  10. Hurricane Bill is coming your way - so you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. That was an awesome summer checklist..:)
    I wonder whether I too can be Fedexed that plate of delicious clamps..LOL!
    You seem to be taking the thrill of summer in the right spirit..beautiful!

    Nice post...Delicious recipe and the snap looked yummy!!
    Enjoy and keep writing!!!

  12. What a great summer checklist! I have to say I have eaten more than 1 lobster roll and forgotten SPF 30+more than once but overall it has been a good summer here too!


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