Sunday, August 30, 2009

a lobster boat leaving the harbour

I love when the sea and sky become one.

It's raining, it began yesterday afternoon and has been raining steady and hard, at times, since then. I love the rain - it feels like it rejuvenates me somehow. It makes me feel happy. My patchouli scented Tramp bath is poured, a sweet Dixon is snoring in her bed at my feet, my second cup of coffee sits here beside me, the breeze blowing in our open windows this early morning is warm and gentle. It's Sunday again my absolute favourite day of the week.

Gull and crows, crickets and dripping rain the only sounds we hear this morning. Heavenly.

Check back later for my contribution to this week's Karmic Kitchen - Dim Sum Sunday challenge - In the bag I have a a super easy recipe (avec photos of course) for baked fish (your choice) in parchment paper.


  1. I love the rain, too. It takes the pressure off of life, somehow. Less decisions to make, more cocooning. (The garden is off the list, for one!:)

  2. Pretty... I love the colors in the sky and water.

  3. It is like there is no distinction between the sky and the sea...beautiful.

  4. so true yoborobo - I think that's it exactly - less pressure. My true nature is one of mostly hibernation and cocooning with little bits of venturing out into the real world. Rain just makes it seem all OK.

  5. I am back from the beach and catching up on all my favourite places. I've loved all your posts this week....as usual. Miss Winnie is truly a sweet faced heartthrob!

    Edward told me to write that last sentence. But I agree with him completely. And Apple wants to be just like Miss D when she grows up!!

  6. Hmmmmmm, very excited for baggy fish.

  7. I love it when they become one too. Hey, that sounds weird but you know what I mean.


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