late august

Friday, August 28, 2009

dandelions gone to seed

love is trembling happiness

Kahlil Gibran


  1. What loveliness, Susan. I feel the abundance and lightness of 'ordinary' life in these photos.

  2. What lovely photos. You have a very special talent.

  3. Amazing photos... they really do look like the end of summer.

  4. how lovely. and then a gentle wind comes and off they sail like little parachutes of life. see ya next spring, they say

  5. I want to take a big puff of air and blow........

  6. The light coming through these is magical. Lovely! :)

  7. I taught a little boy student once to blow away the soft dandelion seeds and make a wish. He'd not heard of doing this. Weeks later he came back and said 'Could you tell me the pwocess of the daddylion wish -loud or to yourself".I hope all his dreams come true. Yours too.

  8. Just full of serenity, silence, bright lives, smiles and cheer and a whole lot of colours...:)

    Photos were simply superb! Enjoyed them thoroughly..:) You are just packaged with too many things so prominent in one's life...

    Move on and keep going..:)
    Keep writing!


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