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Sunday, August 30, 2009

fish cooked in parchment - polaroid

Baked Cod in Parchment

cod fillets
cherry tomatoes
black and green olives
thinly sliced onions
thin strips of green or red pepper
fresh basil leaves
flat leaf parsley
olive oil
salt & pepper

Place 1 large rectangular sheet of parchment paper on cookie sheet or pizza pan. Drizzle with olive oil and rub into paper. Place cod on a bed of thinly sliced onions and lemon slices. This particular fillet was long and narrow so I doubled it over on itself and put a few more slices of lemon in between the layers of fish. Top with halved cherry tomatoes, slivers of green pepper (from Harry's garden), sliced black and/or green olives, capers, a few thick slices of lemon zest, drizzle with more olive oil, sprinkle with salt and cracked pepper. Wrap package up tightly like a gift and place in a 400 degree oven for 30 mins. Unwrap carefully, add torn basil leaves and parsley to garnish and enjoy. Delicious, super moist and very easy.

I love to cook and I love to take photographs ... in my new life I will cook, walk with my dog(s) in nature near the ocean all the time, I'll take lots of photographs, I'll cook some more, I'll lay on my bed avec les chats and read lots of great books and I'll sit at the teak topped desk and draw, paint, collage and create all day ... in my dream life I will not be vacuuming, dusting or doing housework and I will never ever mow lawns or worry about money ever again. Ta Da ! Just in case you're listening M. Universe.


  1. Count me in as a neighbor in your dreams. Edward, Apple and I could join you on your walks by the sea! And we could take turns making lunch for one another every Tuesday!

  2. Sounds perfect Pamela ! count us in !

  3. Um, l'd like to point out that that sounds like your life now, just about anyway ;)

  4. In your dream village, I would be your neighbor, our dogs would play together, Jacob would visit your cats whether they enjoyed it or not, and we would borrow each other's dishes and kitchenware for our food photos. We would have a pet portrait business except if our dream village needed no money, it would be more like a pet portrait charity.

    Your cod looks much more rustic and fulfilling than my halibut. But that's what I love about this method of cooking, the endless variations.

    Happy Yummy Dim Sum Sunday.

  5. Huh ahhh ... Veronica ... Eureka!! I think you might be right (it's the big freakin' beautiful old brick house that needs many repairs and much fixin up and the ginormous garden that is gradually swallowing us whole that I think I'm eluding to in that big ol' wish and the fact that handy men with chain saws and tools and pick up trucks seem to be avoiding me - sigh -ing). "And" I will one day have a regular cleaning person to do those things that I am not good at - actually a team of valets would be sweet.

    And B Shamu the dream village that you describe sounds frickin' idyllic (said with a heavy southern drawl). Ah do declare you and Missy D could go a crab tollin' every day and if you were really good she might even take ya muskrat hunting. It's not pretty and don't forget your hip waders.

  6. I'm trying to imagine what you would do if we actually came back with a muskrat.

  7. Hello!
    Thought I would pop over and say hello - came across your blog by accident and I have been admiring your beautiful beautiful photographs...and boy can you cook!!

    Bye for now
    Sam x
    (from Bath in the Uk!)

  8. Looks great Susan! You and Sham take the best pictures of anyone I know. :)

  9. Mmmmm....that cod looks so succulent! I love how olives can add such a punch of flavor. Also good are bits of preserved lemon and anchovy!

    I like your fantasy and mine is getting closer to reality. Too bad more focus is on making money than just living! My dream would be able to have kitties on my bed again! I'm allergic : (

    Happy DSS!! You and Sham make me want to eat fish for breakfast!

  10. yum, yum, yum. Looks delicious! I have never cooked anything in parchment paper. Maybe I will try:)It always seemed so "professional", like puff pastry.
    I would love to come and visit you in your dream world, even this world maybe! and you could teach me how to cook parchmenty things.

  11. That fish looks wonderful, and I don't even like baked fish. While we are dreaming, let's add a 24-hour delivery of any food we can conjure up. A 30 min wait, and we can be eating anything...I don't see why that should be so hard. I would like the parchment fish, and the apple cake, please...and add a jar of the fruit chutney...right now, I could eat a 5 course meal, after all, I ate 3 hours ago!!!


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