Sunday, August 23, 2009

zinnias from my garden - polaroid - much like a painting

a painting of light

Well the outer edges of hurricane Bill should be arriving here in a few hours. At the moment it's still dark, I just poured my coffee. The air outside our open windows is as still as can be and all we can hear is the late August chorus of crickets. It's hard to imagine that there's wild weather on the way.

My nephew Michael is arriving later today with a friend to spend the night. He goes to university in Newfoundland and I don't see him often so I'm thrilled. They're on an in between semesters road trip, racing ahead of the hurricane. I'll make a big homemade pizza - his favourite. I can't wait to see him and I have lots of Auntie preparations to do (mostly food related of course) before their arrival.

Love ! the Mad Men opening credits and theme music - here

Winn and I are just back from our early morning walk and we noticed that this big beautiful boat is tucked into our little harbour behind the big cement wharf waiting out the hurricane. It's just begun to rain, we need rain it's been hot and sunny for days and days. The harbour this morning was like glass not a whiff of wind ... yet.

I've heard this beautiful Joni Mitchell song several times this week, I especially love this version with James Taylor playing guitar and you know, well ... I could just drink a big ol' case of that big red dog. I miss him, every single day.


  1. Have a wonderful time with your guests! I hope Bill doesn't get too ruff! :) love to the les gang!

  2. So exciting to prepare for welcome guests! You will be busy using all of your talents in the kitchen as well as sharing your generous heart. Your guest are lucky! I used to take care of my nephew every chance I could when he was younger so know how special that relationship can be.

    I hope that the hurricane lightly passes by 29 Black Street. We didn't have any trouble with wind ...just a little rain when our three hurricanes were suppose to pass...they shifted course a bit and died down.

    Fun flower painting portrait.Is that a camera or photo shop feature? <3

  3. Gorgeous pics! I am sure your nephew and his friend will eat like kings. :)
    I hope Bill behaves himself and things just get blustery and rainy and nothing more. Have fun! xo Pam

  4. Loving those Polaroid shots. Can't wait to see the food shots later.

  5. We like your words. Mom said they are peaceful. Put your life preserver on in case lots of rain comes
    Benny & Lily

  6. Have fun with your guests, Susan. I hope Bill behaves himself.

  7. batten down the hatches! stay safe Susan and Les Gang...

  8. I know. I miss my Pepper. And before him, my Bubba and Teddy dogs. Wish I was there for homemade pizza. Haven't had that in ages. And I hope the storm doesn't do any damage. Will be thinking about ya.

  9. I'm happy your nephew is there with Bill in the vicinity! You all stay warm and dry!!

  10. Hope Bill has been and gone and left everything in reasonable repair, and that you Michael and friend are having a fine time. I love the softness of that first photo Susan - it has a delightful old-fashioned quality about it.


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