crazy love

Friday, December 4, 2009

setting sunlight on the big wharf in our narrow, but very deep, little harbour

Love must be as much a light as it is a flame

Henry David Thoreau

A few more hours and my cowboy will be home.

tremble, flutter, jar, jitter, palpitate, quake, quaver, quiver, shiver, shudder, teeter, throb, totter, tremor, wobbling with more blissful delight than I ever thought possible and how crazy is that ? how crazy is this ? it's crazy !! crazy, crazy, crazy love.

More photos from les archive - I so love this big old cement wharf where the big huge ships miraculously dock in our beautiful tiny harbour, our harbour which never seems to look the same twice. I love when the wharf is glowing in this beautiful warm orange light, the light of the sun beginning to set in the early evening. I love the colours and the shimmer of the water much like mercury glass. I love the gravel walkway where we walk each evening. Missy D and I, and now the petite coyote - Miss Piper Belle also. These photos remind me of how crazy I am also about this place.

That girl MLou called me from Thailand last night. Hooray ! I love her. I sat in the upstairs hallway chair, Miss Dee's look out chair and I babbled on about the cowboy. I told her recent tales of this big crazy love, things he's said, things he's done, quirks and habits of his that I love, remarkable dreams and joys that he and I both share and she laughed and laughed and smiled and grinned and I could feel her huge happiness and love for me all the way from Bangkok. And it felt so good. She has shared so much sadness with me it's so wonderful to share all this amazing goodness. She returns to Nova Scotia next week with her geologist Lauchie and I can't wait to see them both. For all of us to meet, share a meal together and laugh and smile and grin until all of our faces hurt from smiling..


  1. Good Morning dear Susan! SO happy for you and your cowboy, I do believe that such wonderful things can happen very quickly, in the blink of an eye. And frankly, better an incautious heart than a frozen one. After so much ache & sadness, it's simply fantastic to hear you happy. :)

  2. thanks J !! so great to hear from you much love from all of us xoxo S & les Gang

  3. I like what J said... better an incautious heart than a frozen one. I have always believed that, but had not put it into words as well as J did.

  4. You're going to need Tiger Balm for your cheek muscles.

  5. :D "crazy, crazy, crazy love" "Laughing and smiling until your face hurts" Hee. Silly I know, but I feel like a little school girl in utter delight as I read your words here this morning. What a sparkle to the day your posts bring. I've never been into reading romance novels, but i tell you, surely none are as sweetly incredible as this! Melt. Melt. Melt.

  6. Simply cannot wait til he gets home!!! Tell us everything you told MLou in detail. We are all just dying to hear everything. Loved the pictures.

  7. Tick .... Tick .... Tick!!!
    Tail Wags to All.

  8. Yay! They're all coming home!

  9. Hi Susan, Sandi B. here from the Guest House and Gulf Shore. I happened upon your blog and I am so veryvery happy for you, it makes me so glad to hear something cheerful and to see such a wonderful and nice (and animal loving) woman joyful and in love. It reminds me of the female version of one of my favourite Van Morrison songs, Crazy Love...."I can hear his heart beat/for a thousand miles/and the heavens open/everytime he smiles..."! I am still that way about Paolo after 14 years, I wish I could claim longer with him. I met him when I was 39 and I want 50 more years with him, no less! I wish you both so much happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Pugwash too, the harbor, the land, the forests ~ it reminds me of the small village where I grew up in Connecticut USA which unfortuantely now has a Casino nearby and except for the old heart of the village is wrecked by greed and commerce. Yet the old part is still the same ~ they have to put a new roof on the post office so my mum cannot write to me until it is finished as it is closed!
    Speaking of the P.O. (gossip central, where I get all my info) it is Interesting that Rhonda thought I broke my 5 ribs in a car accident (she was 1st on the scene when I rolled my truck) but REALLY I did get thrown from a horse, not the horse's fault and I got back on before I realized that I was injured. I only started to cry when they told me I could not ride for 2 months. Sorry for the long comment, it must be the pain pills, eh?


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