Monday, December 7, 2009

the girls, the pack, the sisters have been reunited once again in les gnashing etc.

The beautiful brown velvet hound Miss Bess was spayed while away on the 4000km trek - post op instructions were as follows - absolutely no leaping, spinning, twirling, gnashing, wrestling for 2 weeks - yesterday was day 12 and we, the cowboy and I, finally threw in the towel and allowed the girls to reunite in full on craziness. A very good time was had by all. Miss D mostly supervises but she occasionally will thrust herself into the Bess/ Piper Belle fray to show those youngin's the how to's and expertise of some real fancy spinnin' & twirlin'. 'Cause ya know, my girl Missy D she sure does love to twirl.

and the winner is ... 2

Oliver did some random number generating and came up with ... drum roll ...Numero 2 - Rachel from Slow Lane Life. She who has been a recipient in the past of mail from Black Street. Wink. Parcel will post today !! pewter heart shaped frame avec petite collage pour vous.

Gotta run the teak topped desk is a callin' me and ... ps. I'm so happy I could bust.


  1. Hi, pleased to meet you

    loving this blogg

    Come pay a visit some time

  2. Ah Miss D., you have my heart. All you needed was some spirited sisters to draw the focus of those wacky humans to make it all right in your world.
    What a wonderful pack.

  3. Ooh, I won a prize! Almost unheard of for me - I never win anything as a rule! Thank you.

    Lovely to hear how all the dogs are getting on so well. What are the cats up to?

  4. Nothing better than happy dogs, kids, people...

    Mr. Toast thought we would hit it off so I came over to say hello! Seems you write about the Cowboy and I just recently introduced the Captain, I could have called him Cowboy, LOL! Since my "handle" is "lookingforcowboy"...

    Please stop on by the respite sometime. It is always nice to see new faces and make new friends.

    much love

  5. I loved "The Unchained Melody." It used to waft down the halls of my dormitory

    all the time...with my roommate playing it on her ukelele. It was the 60's.

    Thank you for posting for me! We all want to see pictures of YOU and the cowboy, of his house, of your food, and what plans you are thinking about. You don't have to follow through on them. Just let them flow, and we will all just love it. No book is as exciting as this. If you don't try to blog everything "right," and just put down everthing you think, it won't take long!!

    The dogs are hilarious. That expression on Bess's face is so funny.Does she start all the fights? Miss Piper Belle (what a pretty name!) looks so innocent, but I am sure her looks are deceiving. And Miss Winnie is "above" all that foolishness!

    How is the weather there? You should start getting snow soon, right? And you and the cowboy will be all snug by the fire, wrapped in a down coforter with wool socks on and bubbling soup on the stove. He will be reading/singing to you, and all the dogs will be trying to get on top of you. You may have to get a bigger couch!

  6. What awesome fun you guys are having. And that beautiful smile showing all your pearly whites!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Miss Winnie D is SO much the big sister isn't she?


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