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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

cabbage roses and the sweetest, softest cat ever - Oliver (in his office space)

Oh my ! I am still trying to keep up with this new and wonderful life I've been living. Today the plan is to be back to the TTD in full swing. The cowboy will arrive in an hour or so with a supply of metal slicing blades. Today - No. 1 on les home reno schedule is to remove all metal from the basement, lug it to the pick up truck (the black shining steed of my prince charming) and off it will go to the lands of waste scrap metal. I'll help him with the major stuff, the holding of pieces that still weigh a ton (while the sparks they will fly) and I'll help him lug the pieces up the narrow basement steps and through the open hatches and into daylight and I'll go with him to the giant metal pile on the outskirts of this little village and help him unload - then he's on his own - No 2 on his list - he's redoing our heating system for ultimate efficiency while I'll continue trying to recreate some of my old self employed designer gal life.

I tell myself constantly to be in the moment I'm in ! to live in each moment I know in my heart that the keeping up with life will magically happen. Challenges & lessons continue to abound.


  1. Susan you have taken many beautiful photos but that one of Oliver would have to be one of my favourites. "Oh My" I said to myself,on seeing it, then after reading your "Oh My" statement of introduction may I sincerely wish for you a continuing sense of wonder, delight, and appreciation on this delightful journey of happiness.

  2. Lovely photos of your Oliver, with the pretty cabbage rose print setting it off perfectly.

    Oh, I know I could get my basement in order if a prince rode up on a black steed...

  3. A house just isn't a home without a white-socked tabby cat in it somewhere, sez I. And Millie agrees.

  4. Hi Oliver.... you sweet little man you....

    My handyman is putting in a faucet...for the neighbour! hahha... poor guy... Christmas Eve..he put in our kitchen sink drain pipes... yesterday he plumbed in the laundry room sink ...and now.. he is at the neighbours. I shouldn't laugh... it is not very clean under the sink over there .... and...they smoke ..which makes it very difficult for him.... poor guy.

    He sometimes refers to himself as selfish, which I can't understand... ...and then he does things like this.... I have to remind him how kind and unselfish he really is all the time.....

    We bought ourselves an after Christmas giftie..we never buy them for Christmas.. a mirror for the laundry room/bathroom .. it will finish things off nicely in there... just a bit of molding and baseboard to go and paint the doorframes...'s all coming together... I'm getting giddy.

  5. Tell us more about the heating system redo....makes me feel warm inside. Men who can do all this delight my soul! It must be heaven to watch the house getting fixed. Such a sense of security comes to women when the male gender takes charge of repairing and gets everything under control. Blessed you are indeed!

  6. Oh, yes! Oliver looks so sweet in that picture. Those little fat feet and toes need kissing. I may have to come visit him...and Miss Winnie, Piper Belle, and Bess! You and the cowboy are kind of cute, too. More pictures of you, please!!!!!! and the black chiclet and other kitty.

  7. So, what is the metal down there for? I'm assuming you aren't removing foundation pole stands/beams or anything?!

    I'm afraid I would never been in Cowboy's shoes and sweep someone off their feet with by fixing up/building know how. I can just about change a light bulb-that is it, sorry to say.

  8. Wow - just can't get enough of your posts Susan. Thanks...


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