just an ordinary evening

Saturday, December 19, 2009

cabbage flowers

Tea for the Tillerman plays on the new second hand 70's sound system, I have always loved this song - how could you not ? The sisters Piper Belle & Bess leap and thrash and gnash in flat out crazy dog play while Miss D plays referee from her spot on the sofa and occasionally busts off to give either Bess or PB a loud, resounding time out or too rough command with her fierce top dogness then back up onto the sofa to continue enjoying her rawhide chew. Scaredy cats Bleet & Gussie are forever ensconced on the second level of this old brick house tucked away in their favourite nests or wide windowsill beds. Oliver, of course, while always trying to make new friends and/or influence people and cats with black noses from far away lands. - is smack in the thick of it all. He's still trying to suss out his new role, status and/or opportunity in this new story. He's gradually been bringing out all of his tricks. Tricks like zooming, pinging and some death defying leaping or sometimes just sitting in the wood box by the fire, his head sticking out, where he has a ringside and somewhat protected view of the night's ongoing gnashing event. Out in the kitchen the cowboy sits in the armchair having a beer keeping me company while I'm at the big kitchen island table chopping and slicing things for our dinner (truth be told he's been doing most of the dinner cooking but once or twice a week, I too, have a go at it). Cooking together and eating meals together has fast become one of our favourite chapters in this new epic and lovely romance novel we've found ourselves living in.

This is what happens when you place a cabbage on a sunny windowsill ?? instant eco-system


  1. It's a jungle out (in) there! Tail Wags to All.

  2. OK. Never thought to plop a head of cabbage in a sunny window sill. Apparently I need to get out more.

  3. Is that a purple or green cabbage? It is beautiful!!!!!

    Is the big snowstorm headed your way? We don't have any in Memphis area, but east Tn, Va., DC, Maryland, New York, and probably ME are getting varying amounts up to 2 ft. There are blizzard conditions in some areas. Let us hear about your weather. And of course, more about the romance!!

  4. Good grief, that happens to cabbage? Mysterious and wonderful!

    Tell Oliver that a very naughty Millie knocked over a large vase of lilies today. They were placed somewhere safe till opened up enough for me to snip off all the pollen-bearing bits, pollen being so toxic to cats. But she needed to investigate.....

  5. I couldn't figure out what that was--some burlap ball? glad you told us. so well taken too these photos. Enjoy yet another meal or should I say, another slice from your love pie? :)

  6. Now THAT is one spectacular cabbage! I used to enjoy twisting the top off of a pineapple and setting it down into a slightly moist pot of soil to watch a new pineapple grow. Or an avocado seed hung over the rim of a glass of water with a few toothpicks. I guess its a need to see something growing in these long cold winter months. Great idea and i'm going to copy-cat!

  7. Such beauty from the mundane. Lovely atmospheric pictures.

  8. ...an ordinary cabbage, an ordinary evening...NOT! What a lovely season of the heart!


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