ice in the harbour

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the ice has arrived - this morning's sunrise walk along the harbour's edge

It's been terribly cold. This morning the sky is clear and blue, sunshine and cold. The wind finally has stopped howling. It's been howling in off the water at speeds over 50kms for two days straight making both our houses creak and groan and making the air frigid and almost unbearably cold. Wind chill. The ice has arrived early this year. Thankfully there are warmer temperatures (+ numbers, not - numbers) forecast for this coming week.

It's Sunday - Hooray ! Teak toppin' it this morning and gettin' my groove back on and a big ol' Hallelujah to that. And this afternoon perhaps a wee drive with the cowboy and the sisters in tow. Sigh a Sunday drive with my true loves.


  1. Have a fun drive and a relaxin day. The ice in the harbor makes it look VERy cold but beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  2. Beautiful photography, as always Susan. I'm struggling today. I'm scared and fighting fears of all sorts. (tears) Your blog brings new hope and promise...helps me to hold on to the last thread, and believe that maybe...just life will end up happily ever after some day.

    much love. xo

  3. The ice looks fantastical... surreal.
    It's a perfect day for a sunday drive. Don't forget to pack the pepperoni and the ice cream bars.

    xo Mlou

  4. dear anonymous ... my life has become a very real and beautiful fairytale come true - I never, ever, EVER would have believed this could or would happen to me and in such a larger than life way. So ... please do hold on and keep believing that "Anything + Everything IS possible". I am living proof. Take care and much love xo, S & les Gang

  5. Oh! Ho! that looks cold, but Christmas is around the corner and it has to be a white one! Now that I´m living in another part of the world, I do miss a white Christmas. Keep warm and enjoy your drive.
    Great photos.

  6. It's been very cold here lately too, -18F eith wind chill, or -8F normally BUT, unlike you, being a mile high, we have the sun beating down which nullifies the effects of the chill air.

  7. Ooo thats cold, Im so glad we dont get temperatures that have a minus in front of them. I smiled at your comment about the wind speed - thats just a standard day around here! and lately the wind has been up to 130kms, Im not joking.

  8. What a sweet post. Ice outside but a warm glow in your comments.


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